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Popover Quiz & Survey

3 different settings for your Quiz or Survey

  • Popover Quiz: Display the entire quiz in a small widget that pops out from the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Popup Quiz: This one appears as an overlay in the middle of the screen. When users click on "take this quiz" button, it'll open a popup. The background content is greyed out so the focus is on the quiz! 
  • In-Page Quiz: Just insert the SQB shortcode wherever you want the quiz or survey to show up. 

 For the popover quiz, here are some of the things you can configure:

  • Frequency: Displaying quiz multiple times in a browsing session will annoy your visitors. SQB will allow you to control "how often" the quiz is displayed. If users have seen it once, you can configure SQB to not show it to that user for configured number of days.
  • Activate with the Click of a Button: Select the pages where you want the quiz to be displayed and SQB will automatically display it on those pages. No need to manually add a shortcode on each page. You can also deactivate it with the click of a button.
  • Time Delay: If the quiz shows up too soon, it may interrupt visitors' experience on the page. You can set a time delay. Delayed popups are shown after visitors spend a certain amount of time on your page. 

Dr Molly Martin

SQB is so slick! It is simply amazing. Way to go! This is a game-changer! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Veena! I just added my first SQB quiz to one of my courses and I can not believe how easy it is and how great it works! It automatically added the quiz to the lesson page right above the "mark as complete" button. I love the fact that upon completion, the student receives a report of their results and that they are either allowed to go to the next lesson if they pass or retake the quiz again if they did not. I also love that the questions and answers are automatically randomized.

This is so slick! It is simply amazing. Way to go! This is a game-changer! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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