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Personalized PDF Builder

The ONLY quiz plugin that can Automatically Generate a Personalized PDF report (using AI + our Powerful PDF Builder) and Email it to your Leads

You can get SQB to generate a beautiful, personalized and customized PDF report for your quiz takers based on their outcome!

You can add image slides, text slides, re-order slides and fully customize the text content! You can use AI to generate "text-content" for the text slides. Add merge tags in it to personalize the content. 

The best part? It's all automated!  You can't do this with other quiz platforms!

? award winning plugiN?

AI-Powered Quizzes

From idea to a fully built out quiz, our new AI add-on will help you build out quizzes in 2 minutes!

✅ Quiz Types: Use AI to build out personality quizzes, scoring quizzes and surveys.

 ✅ Mapping: It'll automatically map out the answers to the right outcomes for a personality quiz, and assign points to the right answers for a scoring quiz.

✅ Any Language: Create quizzes in any language.

"the best quiz plugin for WordPress" - Chris Lema

SQB is so simple you might forget that you're creating logic.

SmartQuizBuilder is easy, visual and engaging! And it produces a way to generate leads! I don't think it can get better than this!

Chris Lema  - A well-known blogger and public speaker, VP of Product at Liquid Web

Create all kinds of quizzes

Personality, Scoring, Assessments, Surveys, Polls, Calculators and Forms

Personality Quizzes

SQB comes with multiple visually appealing templates that will help you create entertaining, share-worthy personality quizzes!


SQB supports different types of assessment quizzes - multiple choice, yes/no and true/false answers.


Build and customize your own high quality surveys and forms in minutes.

Scoring Quizzes

You can use scoring quizzes to test someone’s knowledge of a topic. You can set up point values for each answer choice. 


You can create interactive polls that look great and will help you boost engagement, collect insights, gather leads and get instant feedback! You can also create a simple form (no quiz) for lead gen.


Use calculators to present a customized offer to each prospect based on their answers to different questions.

I recently switched from 1.0 to Smart Quiz Builder and wow, what a difference! 

I recently switched from 1.0 to Smart Quiz Builder and wow, what a difference! Putting the quiz together was so much more intuitive. And then there's the price. Going from $99 a month to $69/year is a game changer. I also like that its integrated into my website. It feels more like built in software for my company rather than a third party. This is a no brainer in my opinion.

Ryan Pollreisz

Interactive Video Quizzes

Generate High Quality Warm Leads through Interactive Video Quizzes

Whether you are looking to add leads or convert prospects into customers, this video-based quiz will help you get it done! Create a more personalized experience for your leads.

Smart Quiz Builder supports Interactive Video Quiz and Survey Funnels!

Truly a game changer when it comes to generating high quality leads and conversions!  We use it on our site and the results are mind blowing!

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The Last Quiz Plugin You'll Ever Need

In my opinion the Smart Quiz Plugin is absolutely the very best quiz builder available, and I've tried most of them. It is intuitive to set up and has a huge range of additional features for marketers and bloggers alike. As well as being able to build the typical quiz types such as Personality, Scoring and Assessments, this quiz plugin allows you to build funnels, surveys, polls, forms and calculators.

Within a few clicks I had built a BMI calculator, lean body calcs and had them up on site for visitors and members to use.

You have total control with styling, can create tags that add additional information to results pages and add redirects to send visitors to landing pages or any content you wish to promote. They also have the AI function so you can generate your quiz from Open AI.

I recommend Smart Quiz Builder without reservation


Smart Quiz Builder: A Phenomenal WordPress Plugin

I must admit, having tried numerous WordPress quiz

 plugins, this one truly stands out as one of the best on the market ?. Packed with fantastic features such as an integrated leaderboard?, it sets itself apart from the rest.

What's more? The dedicated development team seems to add new features almost daily ?! I'm confident that Smart Quiz Builder will eventually dominate its niche ?.

So if you're an educator looking to motivate and engage your students in learning, I can't recommend this plugin enough ?. Give Smart Quiz Builder a try today - it's simply phenomenal! ?



Many overpromise and know the score.

Having bought so many deals, I have only a handful of AppSumo deals that I have kept and really enjoy using and SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) is one of them. Smart by name and Smart by nature.

I wish Veena and her team all the luck and success because they richly deserve it for the support and super service that they provide.

Kudos Veena and Team

The possibilities are endless

Quiz Funnel Builder

SQB's visual funnel builder will allow you to create smart quiz and survey funnels (with branching logic) where the questions you ask is based on their responses.

Lead Magnet Quiz

Create lead magnet quizzes where you can ask a series of questions to learn more about your prospects. Your prospects need to opt-in to get their results. You can fully customize your opt-in form.


You can segment your leads based on the quiz results. You can assign different tags based on the outcome and send the tag to your email platform. 

Personalize your Quiz

When your participants start the quiz, you can configure Smart Quiz Builder to ask for their first name first. And use it to personalize some or all of the questions. 

A little personal touch can make a huge difference.

Smart Branching Logic

SQB's comes with a visual branching logic builder. It'll allow you to setup a branching quiz where you can connect answers to different questions. 

The questions presented to quiz takers depends on the answers they pick.

Email Platform Integration

SQB integrates with all leading email marketing platforms. SQB also supports "HTML-form" based integration and "Webhook" notification. 

You can set up marketing automations by connecting SQB with Zapier. SQB also supports Webhook notification.

Google Sheets Integration

Smart Quiz Builder is probably the only quiz / survey plugin that supports DIRECT Google Sheets Integration! You won't need an external platform such as Zapier to add quiz results, user details, etc. to your sheet. 

Beautiful Templates 

Stunning templates that will allow you to create quizzes that stand out!
✔️Beautiful Design
✔️Easy To Use & Fully Customizable
✔️Mobile Friendly
✔️ Keep visitors on your site longer
✔️ Increase Engagement and Quiz Completion Rate
✔️ Increase your Conversions

Advanced Customizer

SQB comes with an advanced customizer. Everything that your users see in the frontend, is fully customizable in the backend. Add in your custom branding, style and make it your own.

SQB will give you a shortcode for your quiz. You can publish it on any WordPress page.

Replace your Popup Builders

SQB supports all kinds of popups - button click, exit popup, timed popup, scroll-based popup. You can also display your quiz in a small widget that pops out from the bottom right corner of the page. You can configure frequency and time delay. Delayed popups are shown after visitors spend a certain amount of time on your page

Conversational Templates

SQB comes with several templates. Each template is fully customizable. This is an example of a quiz created using SQB's full width template.

Pre-Built Quizzes

SQB comes with pre-built quizzes, surveys and calculators. You don't have to create your quiz from scratch. Just pick a pre-built template, and edit the content. 

Capture Feedback with Interactive Polls

Create interactive polls that look great and will help you boost engagement, collect insights, gather leads and get instant feedback!

You can set poll start/end date, prevent repeat voting, allow users to change vote, display charts, view submissions, allow users to see results and total votes, use image answers, get users to opt-in (optional) and so much more.

Quiz Certificate

Create, customize and award certificates when students complete your quiz! You can display name, quiz title, score, outcome, date, signature and other details! You can also award certificates based on specific score, range or outcome type.

Student Dashboard & Leaderboard

You can not only create beautiful student-facing dashboard (see image) where your students will find all the quizzes they have completed, check results, etc., you can also showcases quizzes they have not signed up for yet.

You can also create a leaderboard to display user scores and rank them based on scores. You can do this using points scored in a scoring quiz or total number of correct answers in an assessment quiz.

Daisy Peel

HOLY COW! Smart Quiz Builder is so EASY to set up!!! Another winner!

The Most feature-rich quiz platform

Weighted Questions!

You can even assign negative points to your answers in a scoring quiz! SQB will automatically add up the points based on the selected answer choices and map to the right outcome based on the score. You can send users to different outcome screen based on the scoring range.
Demo here.

Question Types

SQB support many different types of questions. 

Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Open-Ended Text, Yes/No, True/False, File Upload, Fill-in-the-blank, Rating Scale, Ranking/Choice, Matrix- style, Slider, etc.

Different Results based on Answers

The outcome screen can be customized with it's own image and content. You can add personalized content that speaks to your audience based on the outcome.

You can add a call to action button on each outcome screen and link it to any page where you can offer a more detailed, personalized solution. Each quiz result screen also gets it's own social share buttons to allow participants to share their results.

Outcome Redirect

You can configure SQB to skip the results screen and instead directly redirect participants to any page you want.

You can set different redirects for different outcomes.

Display Ads 

You can display ads between questions. You can do this for some or all of the questions. The ad will be shown after users pick an answer and before the next question is displayed.

You can use this screen to display a special offer, coupon, product recommendations or just additional details about the question. The contents of the ad screen can be fully customized in the backend.

Just like question ads, you can also configure SQB to display ads after a specific answer choice. You can use this to display additional info about selected answer, recommended resources based on answer or just an ad about a special offer.

Powerful Calculators / Shortcodes

Category Calculations

Display category-level scores broken down by rank. Use color codes to highlight high, medium and low scores. All of this is fully customizable in the backend. This is for a scoring quiz.

Rank Shortcodes

If you want to showcase respondent's top outcomes (ranked as #1, #2, #3,...#n), you can do so by making use of the outcome rank shortcode. This is for a personality quiz.

"Smart Quiz Builder allowed us to create a high-quality and professional-looking quiz" - Sujay Pawar

"Smart Quiz Builder allowed us to create a high-quality and professional-looking quiz!

The ease of use was very impressive and the outcomes of the quiz worked perfectly. The ability to customize the design of the quiz to suit our branding was a great bonus as well.

SQB is highly recommended!

Sujay Pawar (Brainstorm Force / WP Astra CEO)

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Normally $89/year

1-site license

  • Annual Payment. Renews at $69/year
  • 1-site License
  • All Features Included.
  • Upgraded and Support Included.


Normally $99/year

AI Add-on Included

2-site license

  • Annual Payment. Renews at $79/year
  • 2-site License
  • All Features Included.
  • Upgraded and Support Included.
  • AI-Powered Quiz Add-on is included.

$499  (one-time)

Normally $699

5-Site Lifetime 

  • One-time Payment. No subscription.
  • 5-site License
  • All Features Included.
  • Lifetime Support + Upgrades.

* This is NOT an agency license.

* Smart Quiz Builder is a plugin for WordPress. You'll need at least one WP site to create your quizzes. But after you create it, you can publish the embed code anywhere, even on non-WP sites.

* AI-Powered Quiz Add-on is FREE with the "2-Site" and "5-Site" Elite License. 

* Plugin updates and support are included as long as you have an active plan. The annual plan will automatically renew unless cancelled. Cancel at anytime.

* SQB is FREE with (DAP) Elite Membership.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like SQB, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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Smart Quiz Builder & Veena are AMAZING

I cant speak more highly of Veena & her amazing plugin. Smart quiz builder is excellent. I cant wait to launch my business & use her quizzes as such a brilliant tool for lead generation.

Veena clearly has amazing passion for her products & her customer service is second to none. Veena couldn't help enough with a problem I had and really went out of her well to find the solution.

Awesome app - awesome developer! Thank you!!!!


Simple and fast

Just tested it and I can easily create a quiz and start collecting fresh new leads. Quiz load speed is fast and changes is instant. I can easily customize and make changes to the templates. It's really simple and fast. The best thing is it's not only limited to wordpress I can embed it in non-wordpress site also.

Next is the report session. This is what I need. To see what each lead submitted and the scoring of each answer. Great job.


Superb quiz app

- Very easy to create and publish beautiful quizzes

- Quizzes can be published on sites not built with WordPress

- Already mature product

- Fast development of new features

- Many great future additions on the roadmap


The Best Support Team Ever

I won't talk much about the product features here because I believe this product is the best value for money in the market currently!

What really blew my mind is that Veena has been very helpful in making sure all my questions answered. I submitted support tickets twice already and both times she answered ON THE SAME DAY! I can't say the same thing for even a monthly recurring subscription that I've used before.

Hope you and your team can keep up the good work. I will be on the lookout for your next product release!



After trying a few other quiz builders I decided to give SQB a try even though it meant I had to create a WP site to use it. I figured it would be worth a shot to give it a try. Let me just tell you that I am now a superfan of not just SQB, but Veena too.

So many updates have been put into place since I first bought this a few months ago, I don't know if she ever sleeps. She's also very forthcoming about what she has in store and cares about her community. I've seriously stumbled into something amazing here and I don't care if I have to use WP to build it, I'm sold. If you're looking for a quiz builder and a creator who values you after the sale, look no further!


It's good to be the king (of quizzes)!

As an email copywriter it's a delight to build new lists and learn about the problems and pains of your people. So far my go to's have always been surveys. Now I'm thrilled that I can use quizzes to get more data - even though I'm pretty dumb when it comes to the technical implementation of such things (who doesn't love outsourcing?).

The thing is, even I was able to get the plugin to run and was able to build my first quiz. With a bit more dedication, it looks like there's nothing that you can't do with this king of quizzes - or rather the queen of quizzes...

Looking forward to jump in and utilize its full potential.

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