SmartQuizBuilder Change Log

SmartQuizBuilder v9.5
Release Date – 06/21/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with SendInBlue email platform
[NEW] Support for Montserrat font

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4.2
Release Date – 06/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] course dropdown not loading on a DAP site

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4.1
Release Date – 06/03/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] undefined variable warning message when WP_DEBUG is enabled

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4
Release Date – 06/02/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Retake Quiz feature for non-DAP quizzes.

SmartQuizBuilder v9.2
Release Date – 06/01/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] retake scrolling to the top in DAP lessons

SmartQuizBuilder v9.1
Release Date – 05/30/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] support for points/credits
[NEW] integration with DAP course/lesson builder

SmartQuizBuilder v8.2
Release Date – 05/18/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] warning message related to an uninitialized variable v

SmartQuizBuilder v8.1
Release Date – 05/12/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] blocking quiz position - screen was moving up after each answer.
[FIXED] retake not working correctly

SmartQuizBuilder v8.0
Release Date – 04/16/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] File Upload feature. Allow users to upload files. SQB now supports file upload as a question tyoe.
[NEW] Email verification. Prevent users from using invalid emails to opt-in. SQB integrates with Quick Email Verification to verify if the email is valid in real time
[NEW] SQB will auto-populate the name and email field in the opt-in form if users are logged-in to DAP.

SmartQuizBuilder v7.0
Release Date – 04/08/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] A visually appealing, slide-in animation effect between screens

SmartQuizBuilder v6.2
Release Date – 03/19/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] Embed code JS conflict.
[FIXED] corner popup was not working if there were other quiz shortcodes on the page.

SmartQuizBuilder v6.1
Release Date – 03/18/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] allow selection of home page in the page list dropdown.

SmartQuizBuilder v6.0
Release Date – 03/18/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Popovers! You can display your quiz or survey as a popup in a bottom right corner of your screen
[NEW] You can configue when the quiz is displayed (time delay) and how often it's displayed.

SmartQuizBuilder v5.0
Release Date – 01/20/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Embed Code. Create quiz on one site and use it anywhere - even if you don't have SQB on the site.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.5
Release Date – 01/05/2021
Release Notes
[NEW]Added support for Rating Scale Questions and YES/NO questions.
[NEW]Consolidated all question types under the question type dropdown - including single and multiple choice questions.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.4
Release Date – 01/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED]outcome was not saving on one of the sites.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.3
Release Date – 12/26/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]option selection was not working without next button on some site.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.2
Release Date – 12/21/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]optimized flow

SmartQuizBuilder v4.1
Release Date – 12/18/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]export question, answers, results.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.0
Release Date – 12/17/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]quiz pagination now supported in DAP lessons.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.4
Release Date – 12/12/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]encryption issue

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.3
Release Date – 12/11/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]text alignment not working in the opt-in form.
[NEW]added date to the student-facing shortcode.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.2
Release Date – 12/09/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]student-facing shortcode not displaying results

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.1
Release Date – 12/08/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]css issues on a client site

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9
Release Date – 12/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]FB library Javascript conflict on client site.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.8
Release Date – 12/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]issue with question re-ordering on a site.
[FIXED]question width not getting saved on a site.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.7
Release Date – 12/03/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]webhook URL not getting saved
[FIXED]social share - outcome was not being shared

SmartQuizBuilder v3.6
Release Date – 12/02/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]CSS issues on a client site

SmartQuizBuilder v3.5
Release Date – 12/01/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]FB share optimized so it loads faster on the outcome page

SmartQuizBuilder v3.4
Release Date – 11/30/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]external integration not getting saved correctly.
[FIXED]Issue with Zapier integration.
[FIXED]Removed numbers from the email results sent to students.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.3
Release Date – 11/12/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]php warning about a deprecated call

SmartQuizBuilder v3.2
Release Date – 10/15/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Multiple choice answers not showing all selections in the results screen

SmartQuizBuilder v3.1
Release Date – 10/01/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Personalization screen was not picking up border, width and background style from the template.
[FIXED]Results popup resizing issue.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.0
Release Date – 10/01/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]send results to admin when users complete a quiz.
[NEW]send results to participants when they complete a quiz.
[NEW]create student-facing page that will show them a list of all courses, lessons, quizzes they have taken, results etc.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.8
Release Date – 09/29/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]notification setting not getting saved.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.7
Release Date – 09/29/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]inline editor for placeholders
[NEW]Loading gif when users pick the last answer choice before outcome or opt-in is displayed.
[FIXED]css conflicts on some sites

SmartQuizBuilder v2.6
Release Date – 09/26/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]default value for background was not set correcly

SmartQuizBuilder v2.5
Release Date – 09/23/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Mobile issue. Last answer was not showing in reports.
[FIXED]SQB guest account was not getting created in some cases (if no opt-in).

SmartQuizBuilder v2.4
Release Date – 09/23/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]top frame background color customizer for templates 3 and 4

SmartQuizBuilder v2.3
Release Date – 09/22/2020
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with DAP Courses.
[NEW] Add blocking or non-blocking quizzes to your lessons.
[NEW] Allow students to retake the quiz
[NEW] Set passing grade for the quiz. Students won't be allowed to go to the next lesson if they don't pass the quiz.
[NEW] Display results and correct/incorrect answers after students complete the quiz (configurable).
[NEW] Configure SQB to automatically display the quiz on the selected lesson pages.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.2
Release Date – 09/17/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]conflict with thrive architect

SmartQuizBuilder v2.1
Release Date – 09/13/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]special character encoding issue

SmartQuizBuilder v2.0
Release Date – 09/11/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]css issue in popup display

SmartQuizBuilder v1.9
Release Date – 09/10/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]Send not just one outcome but all the outcomes types in the order of their ranks. So the closest match to their type and also the #2, #3 match, etc. You can configure SQB to map the outcome ranks to custom fields in ActiveCampaign. It currently works with AC but we'll be extending to other email platforms as well!
[NEW]Add multiple quizzes on the same page.
[NEW]SQB can now send a webhook notification with the results and the lead details to any webhook handler script. Write custom code to do whatever you want with the results.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.8
Release Date – 09/09/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]database updates were not taking affect without de-activating and re-activating plugin.
[FIXED]questions not saving on one site
[FIXED]database errors were not being reported.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.7
Release Date – 09/08/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]free text answers were not connecting to the right next node in the funnel.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.6
Release Date – 09/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]cloning feature was not cloning the funnel data.
[FIXED]if question title is updated, it was not showing the updated titlein the funnel builder.
[NEW]question number added to each node in the funnel. Displays on hover.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.5
Release Date – 09/05/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]if a question is deleted and re-created after a funnel is built, it was causing an issue with the flow in the frontend. Fixed now.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.4
Release Date – 09/04/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]personalized quiz not working if start button was used instead of a start screen
[FIXED]popup not centered.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.3
Release Date – 09/03/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]popup css issue
[FIXED]opt-in form was showing even if turned off in the backend

SmartQuizBuilder v1.2
Release Date – 09/02/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]MCE editor issue
[FIXED]Add outcome not working due to a plugin conflict

SmartQuizBuilder v1.1
Release Date – 08/28/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]Added autoupdate support

SmartQuizBuilder v1.0
Release Date – 08/28/2020
Release Notes
[LAUNCHED]The most powerful quiz and survey plugin.