SmartQuizBuilder Change Log

smartquizbuilder v38.1
Release Date – 12/11/2023
Release Notes
NEW: more updates to the AI quiz builder (number of steps to build quiz using AI reduced further))

smartquizbuilder v38.0
Release Date – 12/06/2023
Release Notes
NEW: a brand new quiz idea generator for scoring and personality quizzes- powered by AI.

smartquizbuilder v37.3
Release Date – 12/03/2023
Release Notes
NEW: SQB now integrates with GoHighLevel! Create an inbound webhook in GHL workflow and enter the webhook URL in SQB Lead Generation Section.

smartquizbuilder v37.2/h4> Release Date – 12/03/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: outcome mapping issue where if the checkbox next to email list integration is checked but no email platform was integrated, it was causing an error.

smartquizbuilder v37.1
Release Date – 12/01/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: conflict with List Building Bot plugin
FIXED: lastname was not getting set correctly in mailchimp

smartquizbuilder v37.0
Release Date – 11/30/2023
Release Notes
NEW: Connect your quiz outcomes to different lists in your email platform. SQB now supports list-level integration. You can still use tags and add users to the same list with different tags if you want, but you will now also have the option to connect quiz outcome to different lists.

smartquizbuilder v36.8.1
Release Date – 11/17/2023
Release Notes
NEW: support for a new shortcode to display scores only in percent

smartquizbuilder v36.8
Release Date – 10/19/2023
Release Notes
NEW: a new API in SQB to auto-generate a signup form for DAP product signup. This is to automate lead magnet setup in DAP where DAP creates an opt-in page and automatically publishes a SQB signup form to allow users to signup for the freebie. When users signup, they automatically get access to the freebie in DAP.

smartquizbuilder v36.7
Release Date – 10/12/2023
Release Notes
NEW: limit the answer choices in a multiple choice question

smartquizbuilder v36.6.1/h4> Release Date – 09/24/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: name and email not showing in search page for logged-in DAP users.

smartquizbuilder v36.6
Release Date – 09/21/2023
Release Notes
NEW: moderized template 7 - new defaults, new image

smartquizbuilder v36.5
Release Date – 09/12/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: css issue on one of the sites with the new opt-in form

smartquizbuilder v36.4
Release Date – 09/11/2023
Release Notes
NEW: new opt-in form options in the lead gen screen - including email-only form

smartquizbuilder v36.3
Release Date – 08/27/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: a few undefined warning messages
FIXED: edit quiz not hiding some of the style elements on load

smartquizbuilder v36.2
Release Date – 08/22/2023
Release Notes
NEW: AI option in SQB's automated advanced PDF builder. You can use AI for text slides.
NEW: support for last name in certificates.

smartquizbuilder v36.1

Release Date – 08/16/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: outcome title not editable
FIXED: add value showing twice in matrix question customizer

smartquizbuilder v36.0
Release Date – 08/14/2023
Release Notes
NEW: Advanced PDF Editor
NEW: Auto-populate details for logged-in WP users
NEW:support for matrix question mapping to outcomes
NEW:support for tags in matrix question

smartquizbuilder v35.4
Release Date – 08/03/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: undefined warning messages.
FIXED: form popup showing full screen for button

smartquizbuilder v35.3
Release Date – 08/01/2023
Release Notes
NEW: smart tags are here! You can now use and/or condition in the new tag shortcode

smartquizbuilder v35.2
Release Date – 07/20/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added name as a new question type
NEW: inline documentation describing all SQB merge tags and where it can be used - email, pdf, outcome etc.

smartquizbuilder v35.1
Release Date – 07/17/2023
Release Notes
NEW: support for new scoring quiz high and low score personalization tags.
NEW: support for category shortcode in PDF
NEW: improved design for matrix-style questions

smartquizbuilder v35.0
Release Date – 07/16/2023
Release Notes
NEW: global theme is here! You can now set global theme for your quiz. All quizzes where global theme is enabled will use the global settings.
NEW: brand new category shortcode release

smartquizbuilder v34.2
Release Date – 07/12/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: mailpoet opt-in email not getting sent
FIXED: first name merge tag not rendering if opt-in is before question
FIXED: add new question not using the quiz customizer settings correctly

smartquizbuilder v34.1
Release Date – 07/10/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: export not exporting all results

smartquizbuilder v34.0
Release Date – 07/02/2023
Release Notes
NEW:you can now switch from one template to another! Just can't switch to template #9 (video template). And can't switch older quizzes. But going forward, the quizzes you create, you'll be able to easily switch templates
FIXED: redirect not working correctly for poll
FIXED: email not getting sent for poll

smartquizbuilder v33.4
Release Date – 06/26/202
Release Notes
NEW: support for rank shortcode in PD
FIXED: redirect not working correctly for poll
FIXED: email not getting sent for poll

smartquizbuilder v33.3.2
Release Date – 06/20/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: rating style question showing error for scoring and personality.

smartquizbuilder v33.3.1
Release Date – 06/19/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: updated prompt for questions in survey

smartquizbuilder v33.3/h4> Release Date – 06/16/2023
Release Notes
NEW: AI-Powered SURVEYS are out now! You can select the type of survey and the AI add-on will build it out for you.
FIXED: if you do not have a paid account with openAI, the error message will clearly show the quota error

smartquizbuilder v33.2
Release Date – 06/14/2023
Release Notes
NEW: Support for OpenAPI gpt-3.5-turbo-16k model which costs a little more but is way faster. You can configure the model to use in SQB settings page

smartquizbuilder v33.1.3
Release Date – 06/10/2023
Release Notes
NEW: error handling if the number of questions in response does not match the requested number of questions.

smartquizbuilder v33.1.2
Release Date – 06/09/2023
Release Notes
NEW: error handling for gateway timeout error
NEW: Questions per request limited to 7 to prevent timeout issues

smartquizbuilder v33.1.1
Release Date – 06/08/2023
Release Notes
NEW: limited questions per call to 8 and and outcome per call to 10. This is due to openAI limits

smartquizbuilder v33.1
Release Date – 06/08/2023
Release Notes
NEW: prompts optimized

smartquizbuilder v33.0
Release Date – 06/07/2023
Release Notes
NEW: MASSIVE LAUNCH! You can now use AI to create your quizzes. You will need our new AI Quiz Add-on to use this feature.

smartquizbuilder v32.3
Release Date – 05/24/2023
Release Notes
NEW: centralized more style options under the global quiz settings to simplify quiz setup.

smartquizbuilder v32.2
Release Date – 05/04/2023
Release Notes
NEW: 1-page quiz without next button
NEW: category quizzes listed on the same page with category links at the top to allow users to jump to the right category for easy navigation

smartquizbuilder v32.0/h4> Release Date – 04/26/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added override for global settings at question and outcome level

smartquizbuilder v31.3
Release Date – 04/22/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added font size and color to allow global override.

smartquizbuilder v31.2
Release Date – 04/20/2023
Release Notes
NEW: huge update! Simplified SQB. Customizations moved to quiz-level. No need to customize each question/answer. Set at quiz level.

smartquizbuilder v31.1
Release Date – 04/18/2023
Release Notes
NEW: support for advanced rules in all questions on same page layout
FIXED: mobile css issue

smartquizbuilder v31.0
Release Date – 04/14/2023

Release Notes
NEW: Advanced rules now even more advanced! You can combine questions to determine outcome.
FIXED: fixed next button, skip button color issues and question clone issues with template 1-4, and also templates 5,7,8 and 9.

smartquizbuilder v30.5.2
Release Date – 04/10/2023
Release Notes
NEW: SQB student dashboard integration with DAP
FIXED: padding issue in student dashboard

smartquizbuilder v30.5.1
Release Date – 04/08/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: mobile responsizeness issue.
NEW: backgroun color support for the first name screen for templates 1 to 4

smartquizbuilder v30.5
Release Date – 04/06/2023
Release Notes

FIXED: Video template outcome background image not loading on a site.

smartquizbuilder v30.4.3
Release Date – 03/29/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: fixed a few php undefined warnings related to pre-built templates on a client site

smartquizbuilder v30.4.2
Release Date – 03/27/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: fixed a few php undefined warnings on client sites

smartquizbuilder v30.4.1
Release Date – 03/24/2023

Release Notes
NEW: SQB now supports all charts (pie, bar, spider) in PDF report

smartquizbuilder v30.4
Release Date – 03/22/2023

Release Notes
NEW: SQB now supports pie chart in the outcome
NEW: pie chart can be used for both outcome breakdown and category score breakdown

smartquizbuilder v30.3
Release Date – 03/20/2023

Release Notes
NEW: SQB now supports captions via file upload
FIXED: start screen html save issues

smartquizbuilder v30.2
Release Date – 03/16/202
Release Notes

NEW: SQB now supports captions for interactive video quiz
FIXED: AC integration was not working due to an AC update
FIXED: css and mobile issues with the new video template
FIXED: conflict with elementor

smartquizbuilder v30.1
Release Date – 03/13/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: fixed an ActiveCampaign integration issue

smartquizbuilder v30.0
Release Date – 03/12/2023

Release Notes
NEW: interactive video quiz template. Generate warm leads using this interactive, personalized video quiz template

smartquizbuilder v29.6.2
Release Date – 02/24/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: question not getting centered and other minor css issues on a client site.

smartquizbuilder v29.6.1
Release Date – 02/17/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added support for tag-based integration with DAP. If quiz is integrated to a DAP product, upon quiz completion, SQB will create and assign the tag to the user in DAP.
FIXED: calculator outcome issue on a client site.

smartquizbuilder v29.6
Release Date – 02/14/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: updated PDF report to support ranking choice question

smartquizbuilder v29.5
Release Date – 02/10/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: updated SQB to use WordPress timezone
FIXED: fixed tag-based search issue

smartquizbuilder v29.4.3
Release Date – 02/06/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: character encoding issue in charts and category shortcodes
FIXED: outcome getting disconnected from answers on some sites

smartquizbuilder v29.4.1
Release Date – 02/02/2023

Release Notes
FIXED: correct answers on the outcome screen not showing all of the selected answer choices due to incorrect defaults.

smartquizbuilder v29.4
Release Date – 01/27/2023
Release Notes

NEW: added a new plugin for GDPR compatibility. You can now get SQB to bypass external CDN calls and instead use the internal library localized via this new plugin called GDPR Library. Download this plugin from your members area on the Wicked Cool Plugins site and activate it. Then activate the seeing in SQB Settings > GDPR tab.

smartquizbuilder v29.3.3
Release Date – 01/25/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added user name and email to user report
Fixed: correct and incorrect answer background color not working

smartquizbuilder v29.3.3
Release Date – 01/24/2023
Release Notes
NEW: a new manage user list interface in SQB manage leads tab
Fixed: embed code issue. The continue button on the outcome screen was opening the url in an iframe causing issues. Now opens outside of iframe.
Fixed: colon not allowed in tag name. Added alert message.

smartquizbuilder v29.3.2
Release Date – 01/22/2023

Release Notes
Fixed: answer hover not taking affect.
Fixed: embed code issue. The continue button on the outcome screen was opening the url in an iframe causing issues. Now opens outside of iframe.
Fixed: colon not allowed in tag name. Added alert message.

smartquizbuilder v29.3.1
Release Date – 01/18/2023
Release Notes
NEW: added assigned tags in manage leads - view results page.

smartquizbuilder v29.3
Release Date – 01/17/2023
Release Notes
NEW: Added button customizers at quiz level for next, previous and skip button
NEW: Added progress bar customizer at quiz level

smartquizbuilder v29.2
Release Date – 01/12/2023
Release Notes
Customize text for File upload question type
Formatting for matrix type question
Fixed the Correct/incorrect answer background color
Updated field type for gamification field

smartquizbuilder v29.1.1
Release Date – 01/09/2023
Release Notes
FIXED: undefined errors related to php 8

smartquizbuilder v29.1
Release Date – 01/06/2023
Release Notes
NEW: support for matrix answers in PDF report

smartquizbuilder v29.0
Release Date – 01/05/2023
Release Notes

NEW: Pagination options. We had 2 options before - all questions on same page, or 1 question per page. We've added 2 more options now. You can configure number of questions per page. In a scoring quiz with categories, you can also display all questions in a category on the same page.

NEW: Prevent resubmission. You can configure SQB to prevent users from taking the quiz again if they have already completed the quiz once.

NEW: Custom JS / Google Tag Manager.> Now you can get SQB to trigger custom Javascript for your quizzes. You can use it to integrate with google tag manager. It can be triggered on page load, or when users click on take the quiz button or opt-in.

NEW: Optimized CSS/JS: SQB now has fully optimized css/js code for frontend. This is now turned on by default. You can turn this off in the settings page, in the global settings tab.

NEW: skip button and next button customizer added at quiz level. You can customize it in SQB settings page.

smartquizbuilder v28.5.1

Release Date – 12/21/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: leaderboard css issues resolved

smartquizbuilder v28.5
Release Date – 12/19/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: leaderboard scoring quiz calculation
FIXED: conflict with divi

smartquizbuilder v28.4.4
Release Date – 12/13/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: DAP lesson blocking quiz issues
FIXED: calculator formula issues where some old formulas were getting picked up on a client site
NEW: first name personalization possible on outcome even if opt-in is off

smartquizbuilder v28.4.3
Release Date – 12/08/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: outcome not showing in one of the sites
FIXED: popup css conflict with thrive

smartquizbuilder v28.4.2
Release Date – 12/07/2022
Release Notes

FIXED: admin notification not working for outcome level notifications
FIXED: support for first name in certificates

smartquizbuilder v28.4.1
Release Date – 12/05/2022
Release Notes

NEW: more updates to the leaderboard. A new customizer for the opt-out option.

smartquizbuilder v28.4
Release Date – 12/04/2022
Release Notes

NEW: A Quiz Leaderboard for Scoring and Assessment Quizzes

smartquizbuilder v28.3
Release Date – 11/28/2022

Release Notes
NEW: back button for scoring and assessment quizzes
FIXED: more formatting to selected answers merge tag (for matrix questions)

smartquizbuilder v28.2.3
Release Date – 11/23/2022
Release Notes

NEW: formatting updates to show selected answers shortcode
FIXED: mapped outcome getting discounted due to duplicate answer ids.

smartquizbuilder v28.2.2
Release Date – 11/22/2022
Release Notes
NEW: added video documentation link.

smartquizbuilder v28.2.1
Release Date – 11/18/2022
Release Notes
NEW: inline documentation description for each quiz type

smartquizbuilder v28.2
Release Date – 11/17/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: mobile css spacing issue in the new optimized css
NEW: support for % based results in chart

smartquizbuilder v28.1
Release Date – 11/17/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: tag-based content not showing correctly

smartquizbuilder v28.0
Release Date – 11/16/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Student Dashboard - updated
NEW: Quiz Certificates - create, design and award quiz completion certificates
NEW: Display questions and selected answers on the outcome screen using a new SELECTEDANSWERS shortcode
NEW: Updated / Optimized CSS and JS code. In beta currently so by default it's off but can be turned on in SQB settings page under global settings

smartquizbuilder v27.3.1
Release Date – 11/14/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: support for no firstname in the opt-in form

smartquizbuilder v27.3
Release Date – 11/10/2022
Release Notes

FIXED: undefined warning messages
FIXED: HTML form submit with email verification enabled not working
NEW: student dashboard improvements

smartquizbuilder v27.2.1
Release Date – 11/09/2022
Release Notes

NEW: student home page builder. Now you can create a dashboard to showcase quizzes - ones the logged-in users have completed and the ones they have not yet completed.

smartquizbuilder v27.1
Release Date – 11/01/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: category chart shortcode issue

smartquizbuilder v27.0
Release Date – 10/31/2022
Release Notes

NEW: A brand new CSS/JS Optimized Flow for Performance improvements and streamlined code. Use the switch in settings page, global settings tab to use the new optimized flow
NEW: support for category description in emails

smartquizbuilder v26.7.3
Release Date – 10/20/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: php 8 compatibility issue in external connection

smartquizbuilder v26.7.1
Release Date – 10/12/2022
Release Notes
NEW: option to add width to tags and analyzing screen

smartquizbuilder v26.7
Release Date – 10/10/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Personality Quiz Ranking Shortcode
NEW: Numerical question can be used for correct answer

smartquizbuilder v26.6.4
Release Date – 10/06/2022
Release Notes
NEW:matrix question supported in PDF with selected answers

smartquizbuilder v26.6.3
Release Date – 10/05/2022
Release Notes
NEW: question type of weight and height added to calculator
FIXED: calculation issue in scoring quiz if all questions on same page
FIXED: opt-in before questions causing validation error

smartquizbuilder v26.6.2
Release Date – 10/03/2022
Release Notes
NEW: question type of email integrated with email providers
FIXED: calculation issue in assessment quiz
FIXED: retake issue in assessment quiz

smartquizbuilder v26.6.1
Release Date – 10/01/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: outcome mapping issue. Getting disconnected after an import

smartquizbuilder v26.6
Release Date – 09/30/2022
Release Notes
NEW: you can now set background color, radio button color and border for matrix questions.
NEW: you can now set answer colors at quiz level for templates 1 thru 4, 5 and 7.
NEW: category setup and category rules can now be exported

smartquizbuilder v26.5.1
Release Date – 09/29/2022
Release Notes
NEW: the admin notification email from name and email is set to quiz taker's name and email so you hit reply to respond to the participants.
NEW: you can set progress bar color at quiz level
NEW: if you have an email question, users do not have to reenter it in opt-in screen and also autosubmit will work

smartquizbuilder v26.5
Release Date – 09/28/2022
Release Notes
NEW: background color option for personalization, ads, tags, category shortcode, etc.
NEW: accordian design in settings for quiz settings
NEW: support for global theme in export/import

smartquizbuilder v26.4.2
Release Date – 09/27/2022
Release Notes
NEW: added background image for question ads

smartquizbuilder v26.4.1
Release Date – 09/26/2022
Release Notes
NEW: support for new personalization tags in notifications

smartquizbuilder v26.4
Release Date – 09/23/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: template 5 inner width not taking affect

smartquizbuilder v26.3.1
Release Date – 09/21/2022
Release Notes
NEW: support for background image in template 5

smartquizbuilder v26.3
Release Date – 09/15/2022
Release Notes
NEW: add other words to the complete the sentence question

smartquizbuilder v26.2.2
Release Date – 09/15/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: do not show google fonts in GDPR countr
NEW: disable google fonts globally
NEW: added correct answer support in email notifications

smartquizbuilder v26.2.1
Release Date – 09/13/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: blocking quiz issue in DAP

smartquizbuilder v26.2
Release Date – 09/11/2022
Release Notes
NEW: security updates

smartquizbuilder v26.1.2
Release Date – 09/08/2022
Release Notes
NEW: back button in personality quiz

smartquizbuilder v26.1.1
Release Date – 09/06/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: complex calculator formula not working

smartquizbuilder v26.1
Release Date – 09/05/2022
Release Notes
NEW: A new question type - email.
NEW: A new question type - phone number.

smartquizbuilder v26.0
Release Date – 08/31/2022
Release Notes
NEW: A new question type - complete the sentences.
NEW: Display outcome title and score on the opt-in screen.

smartquizbuilder v25.9.1
Release Date – 08/28/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: Custom fields Edit Issue: if custom fields are updated, then the refresh button in the opt-in screen will refresh the opt-in form

smartquizbuilder v25.9
Release Date – 08/24/2022
Release Notes
NEW: correct answer match plus points for numerical questions.

smartquizbuilder v25.8.2
Release Date – 08/22/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: background opacity issue in popup quiz

smartquizbuilder v25.8.1
Release Date – 08/22/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: calculator quiz issue. Same formula mapped to multiple outcomes not redirecting correctly.
FIXED: css issue related to button-click popup
FIXED: button click popup not working correctly - outcome not displaying if template 7 is used and height is set in vh<

smartquizbuilder v25.8
Release Date – 08/18/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Added font weight, lineheight and text shadow to the tinymce editor
NEW: Added loading icon for external outcome page redirect for better user experience

NEW: Hubspot Integration

smartquizbuilder v25.7
Release Date – 08/16/2022
Release Notes
NEW: question icons

smartquizbuilder v25.6
Release Date – 08/11/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: category merge tag showing 0 if no points assigned to answers

smartquizbuilder v25.5.2
Release Date – 08/11/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: css issues with heading text in new category shortcode

smartquizbuilder v25.5.1
Release Date – 08/11/2022
Release Notes
NEW: more updates to the scoring quiz category shortcode. Added personalization tags directly on the outcome screen to make it easier to add to the outcome.

smartquizbuilder v25.5
Release Date – 08/10/2022
Release Notes
NEW: scoring quiz category shortcode. Now you can display category level messages by using the new category shortcode. Display different content based on score in a specific category.

smartquizbuilder v25.4.3
Release Date – 08/09/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: email gettign set to admin even if off

smartquizbuilder v25.4.2
Release Date – 08/08/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: start button color getting reset

smartquizbuilder v25.4
Release Date – 08/05/2022
Release Notes
NEW: exit intent display frequency can be set now

smartquizbuilder v25.3.2
Release Date – 08/04/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: exit intent getting triggered upon button click

smartquizbuilder v25.3.1
Release Date – 08/03/2022
Release Notes
NEW: GDPR export support
FIXED: correct answer text not showing

smartquizbuilder v25.3
Release Date – 07/31/2022
Release Notes
NEW: individual questions and answers in the PDF using the new merge tags
FIXED: css issue with PDF download button

smartquizbuilder v25.2.3
Release Date – 07/28/2022
Release Notes
NEW: users signup via SQB. If DAP integration is enabled, autologin to DAP.

smartquizbuilder v25.2.2
Release Date – 07/28/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: advanced rules allowing duplicates
FIXED: scoring quiz optimized

smartquizbuilder v25.2.1
Release Date – 07/26/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: mobile css issue with elementor
FIXED: fixed encoding issue in CSV import for numbers

smartquizbuilder v25.2
Release Date – 07/22/2022
Release Notes
NEW: outcome mapping warning if answer text is missing
FIXED: popup urls getting deselected sometimes upon save
FIXED: range not getting saved if value set to 0

smartquizbuilder v25.1
Release Date – 07/19/2022
Release Notes
NEW: added new mergetags - yourscore, totalscore and outcome title tags to animation
NEW: select dropdown for quiz in manage quizzes
FIXED: popup height

smartquizbuilder v25.0
Release Date – 07/19/2022
Release Notes
NEW: quiz complete personalized animation
NEW: automated DB repair feature for missing column in sqb settings

smartquizbuilder v24.6.1
Release Date – 07/14/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: an issue in the autoupdate script

smartquizbuilder v24.6
Release Date – 07/12/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: advanced rules not saving
FIXED: tag data not displaying in some cases

smartquizbuilder v24.5
Release Date – 07/12/2022
Release Notes
NEW: a new FOCUS mode added to template 7 and several css and design improvements to this template

smartquizbuilder v24.4
Release Date – 07/10/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: autoupdate logic

smartquizbuilder v24.3
Release Date – 07/08/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: missing database field update

smartquizbuilder v24.2
Release Date – 07/05/2022
Release Notes
NEW: RTL support for progress bar in SQB settings page
NEW: support for category range-based redirect rules

smartquizbuilder v24.1
Release Date – 07/04/2022
Release Notes
NEW: autosubmit opt-in form support

smartquizbuilder v24.0
Release Date – 07/04/2022
Release Notes
NEW: support for hidden custom fields. You can pass a value to it as a query string param and SQB to forward it to external automation platforms.

smartquizbuilder v23.6
Release Date – 07/03/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: pre-built quiz outcome mapping getting disconnected

smartquizbuilder v23.5
Release Date – 07/01/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: social share not working on a site
FIXED: css issue on safari
NEW: different email content for admin and students

smartquizbuilder v23.4
Release Date – 06/30/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: clone issue after updates to the update logic in SQB
FIXED: php8 more undefined warnings

smartquizbuilder v23.3
Release Date – 06/29/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: php8 undefined warnings

smartquizbuilder v23.2
Release Date – 06/27/2022
Release Notes
NEW: updated way of auto upgrades
FIXED: undefined errors

smartquizbuilder v23.1
Release Date – 06/22/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: raleway font not working in frontend.
FIXED: if terms content is fully removed, SQB was not allowing to add it back.

smartquizbuilder v23.0
Release Date – 06/21/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Question Level Ads. You can now get SQB to display different ads or recommendations for different questions. It will be displayed after users pick any answer.

smartquizbuilder v22.3
Release Date – 06/17/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: PDF formatting issue
FIXED: php v8 conflict

smartquizbuilder v22.2.1
Release Date – 06/09/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: rearrange questions showing twice due to a conflict with polls
FIXED: undefined warnings in a file

smartquizbuilder v22.2
Release Date – 06/09/2022
Release Notes
NEW: notifications made easy! Added email notification as part of quiz creation process.
NEW: support for tags in quiz export/import

smartquizbuilder v22.1
Release Date – 06/08/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Optimized poll flow.
FIXED: tag description css issue

smartquizbuilder v22.0
Release Date – 06/01/2022
Release Notes
NEW: You can now create and publish POLLs.

smartquizbuilder v21.7.1
Release Date – 05/20/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: font family not saving correctly in the global customizer.
FIXED: php 8 conflict

smartquizbuilder v21.7
Release Date – 05/17/2022
Release Notes
NEW: answer text hover color can be now customized at quiz level for template 7

smartquizbuilder v21.6
Release Date – 05/14/2022
Release Notes
NEW: clone matrix questions.
NEW: Global font customizer for template 5.

smartquizbuilder v21.5
Release Date – 05/12/2022
Release Notes
NEW: a new 100% height option for template 5 that will allow you to get your quiz to take over full screen and run in distraction free mode

smartquizbuilder v21.4
Release Date – 05/11/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: plugin page loading slowly. Resolved by changing the autoupdate hook.

smartquizbuilder v21.3
Release Date – 05/05/2022
Release Notes
NEW: support for PDF font family in settings

smartquizbuilder v21.2
Release Date – 05/04/2022
Release Notes
NEW: PDF downloaded instantly instead of opening a new tab. A pdf downloaded message displayed below the download button after download is complete.

smartquizbuilder v21.1.2
Release Date – 05/03/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: advanced rules retake not resetting values

smartquizbuilder v21.1.1
Release Date – 05/01/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: results in the auto-generated pdf showing the same outcome

smartquizbuilder v21.1
Release Date – 04/29/2022
Release Notes
NEW: advanced rules that will allow you to always display a specific outcome if users pick a specific answer while optionally allowing them to fully complete the quiz
FIXED: database error due to an undefined field

smartquizbuilder v21.0
Release Date – 04/28/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Automatic PDF Generation for outcomes
NEW: NEW Exit Intent Survey Template
NEW: Set fixed height and width for the entire template

smartquizbuilder v20.5.3
Release Date – 04/20/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Autonami Integration
FIXED: mobile redirect issue for one of the templates

smartquizbuilder v20.5.2
Release Date – 04/15/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: display tag-based content for scoring quiz

smartquizbuilder v20.5.1
Release Date – 04/14/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: issue with WP Plugin automatic update. Now the auto-update in WP plugins area should work fine for SQB.
FIXED: mobile responsiveness in template 5

smartquizbuilder v20.5
Release Date – 04/12/2022

Release Notes
NEW: tag shortcode is here! Assign answer and outcome level tags and display different content on the outcome screen based on tags.
NEW: A new pre-built content marketing template. It's a scoring quiz built using SQB's new template.
NEW: refresh vbout list. Due to vbout caching, SQB was not able to get newly added lists. Updated flow now.
FIXED: RTL-related css updates

smartquizbuilder v20.4.1
Release Date – 04/07/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: issue with charts not showing in some quizzes

smartquizbuilder v20.4
Release Date – 04/06/2022
Release Notes
NEW: new dropdown question type for all quizzes

smartquizbuilder v20.3
Release Date – 04/04/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Support for Scroll-based popup and time-based popup.
NEW: Support for tag-based content on the final outcome screen

smartquizbuilder v20.2
Release Date – 03/30/2022
Release Notes
NEW: awesome search feature in SQB reports page that will allow you to find all kinds of responses based on your search criteria.

smartquizbuilder v20.0.1
Release Date – 03/23/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: issue with template 5 customizer values

smartquizbuilder v20.0
Release Date – 03/21/2022
Release Notes
NEW: a brand new, template that will allow you to create beautiful, responsive, elegant quizzes that will stand out.

smartquizbuilder v19.5
Release Date – 03/16/2022
Release Notes
NEW: a new plugin called SQB Google Sheet Integration is now available for download
NEW: SQB now directly integrates with Google Sheet. You won't need an external platform such as Zapier to do this integration.

smartquizbuilder v19.4.1
Release Date – 03/04/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: mobile matrix data encoding issue

smartquizbuilder v19.4
Release Date – 03/03/2022
Release Notes
NEW: several new image customization options for answer images. This will prevent images getting distorted in the frontend.

smartquizbuilder v19.3.2
Release Date – 03/03/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: not able to switch answer type on a site

smartquizbuilder v19.3.1
Release Date – 03/01/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: Matrix Quiz - scoring with categories not showing correct totals

smartquizbuilder v19.3
Release Date – 02/26/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Matrix Quiz - control the width of left/right columns
FIXED: Matrix Quiz - support for icons/images in the column heading

smartquizbuilder v19.2.1
Release Date – 02/26/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: calculation issues with scoring quiz with next button
NEW: Turn off next button in a scoring quiz

smartquizbuilder v19.2
Release Date – 02/24/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: chart performance issues
NEW: calculated formulas are now set to Zapier, Pabbly, etc.

smartquizbuilder v19.1.1
Release Date – 02/21/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: matrix css issues on desktop. Text not wrapper.
FIXED: template 6 css issues for pre-built survey template

smartquizbuilder v19.1
Release Date – 02/20/2022
Release Notes
NEW: The create a new quiz flow now comes with 3 options - create from scratch, use a pre-built template and import a quiz.
NEW: You can now turn OFF next button even for a scoring quiz as long as you don't have correct/incorrect answers in the quiz or you have correct/incorrect answers but you don't display it on each screen. You can get SQB to not display it as long as it's a single choice or yes/no type of question. The next button cannot be turned off for multiple choice or text questions.
email verification option cannot be turned ON in the lead generation screen unless you have integrated it with quick email verification service.
NEW: Quiz Preview button in the Manage Quizzes page.

smartquizbuilder v19.0
Release Date – 02/17/2022
Release Notes
NEW: Support for Exit Intent Survey and Quiz
NEW: Charts to display user's outcome score/rank in a personality quiz
NEW: Charts to display user's category scores in a scoring quiz - with or without correct answers
NEW: Summary of questions and selected answers on the final outcome screen

smartquizbuilder v18.7.4
Release Date – 02/14/2022
Release Notes
FIXED: slider not working on mobile.
FIXED: first_name in query string was not working.

smartquizbuilder v18.7.3
Release Date – 02/11/2022
Release Notes
NEW: new and better mobile format for matrix questions
FIXED: next button not working for matrix questions in a scoring quizzes with correct answers

smartquizbuilder v18.7.2
Release Date – 02/10/2022
Release Notes
[FIXED] template 6 image answer issues
[FIXED] YouTube video formatting issue
[NEW] Double opt-in on / off settings for SendInBlue.

smartquizbuilder v18.7.1
Release Date – 02/09/2022
Release Notes
[FIXED] matrix-style formatting issues on desktop.
[FIXED] content recommendation flow for scoring and assessment quizzes with correct answers

smartquizbuilder v18.7
Release Date – 02/03/2022
Release Notes
[NEW] category calculations - you can now map categories to outcomes and redirect users to the category/outcome that has the highest total.

smartquizbuilder v18.6
Release Date – 01/31/2022
Release Notes
[NEW] A new pre-built lead magnet quiz template

smartquizbuilder v18.5
Release Date – 01/28/2022
Release Notes
[NEW] Share on SOCIAL to UNLOCK Results
[NEW] GroundHogg Integration
[NEW] Pre-populate the email and first name fields if it's in the query string.

smartquizbuilder v18.4.2
Release Date – 01/26/2022
Release Notes
[FIXED] if a score was not covered by the scoring range, redirect to outcome was not working correctly. Fixed now.

smartquizbuilder v18.4.1
Release Date – 01/26/2022
Release Notes
[NEW]removal of background image from template 6
[NEW]collapse the left menu to make more room for wide templates like template 6

smartquizbuilder v18.4
Release Date – 01/17/2022
Release Notes
[NEW]Allow users to expand on OTHER answer choice with additional text response
[NEW] Delete stats at quiz level. Earlier option only allowed deletion of all stats

smartquizbuilder v18.3
Release Date – 01/13/2022
Release Notes
[NEW]Display Radar Chart, Bar Chart and question answer breakdown on your outcome screen
[NEW] You can now easily add new custom fields in SQB lead generation screen. No longer have to add it in the settings page.

smartquizbuilder v18.2
Release Date – 01/04/2022
Release Notes
[NEW] new question type - date response field.
[NEW] calendar to choose date starts with Monday, and also the month and day text can be fully customized in the backend in SQB questions screen.

smartquizbuilder v18.1.2
Release Date – 12/29/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] You can now turn on and off the continue button and also add a continue button URL on the outcome screen
[FIXED] Mobile responsiveness issue on a client site

smartquizbuilder v18.1.1

Release Date – 12/27/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Category Section Customizer. You can now fully customize the style of category section as SQB now comes with a full-feldged category section customizer.
[NEW] You can now email category-level scores to students in the student notification email.

smartquizbuilder v18.1
Release Date – 12/26/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] Category-Based Redirect: for some outcomes, redirect was not working correctly
[FIXED] Changed IMPORT to TOOLS in the Settings page Menu

smartquizbuilder v18.0
Release Date – 12/23/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Category-Based Redirect: Currently in a scoring quiz, the outcome redirect is based on the total score but if you want to redirect users to different outcome screens based on their category total (or range) instead of total score (or range), you can do this under advanced rules in the outcome tab of your quiz.

[NEW] Formula-Based Redirect: You can configure SQB's calculator quiz to send users to different outcome screens based on a formula value (or range). You can set multiple rules for the same formula. For e.g. if formula 1 evaluates to 0-100, send to outcome 1 screen, if it evaluates to 100-200, send to outcome 2 screen.

[NEW] Answer-Level Tags: You can assign different tags at answer level. Based on selected answers, SQB will assign tags and forward it to the configured email platform that supports tags.

smartquizbuilder v17.4.5
Release Date – 12/21/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] mobile css issues with template 6

smartquizbuilder v17.4.4
Release Date – 12/20/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] date picker jquery conflict

smartquizbuilder v17.4.2
Release Date – 12/14/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] min height issue with template 7

smartquizbuilder v17.4.1
Release Date – 12/08/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] issue with CSV question and answer import
[FIXED] issue with clone. It was changing the width of the question being cloned from

smartquizbuilder v17.4
Release Date – 12/05/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now supports a new FORM mode which will allow you to create just opt-in forms without a quiz using SQB
[NEW] SQB now supports question/answer import via CSV
[NEW] SQB now slider questions in a category quiz. When users use the slider to pick a number, it'll be used in a scoring quiz and count towards the total score. And if the category calculations are enabled, it will also count towards the category total.

smartquizbuilder v17.3.2
Release Date – 11/24/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] matrix answer column width now automatically adjusts based on question width.

smartquizbuilder v17.3.1
Release Date – 11/16/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] zapier integration issue.
[FIXED] convertkit integration issue.

smartquizbuilder v17.3
Release Date – 11/16/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] clone and add new question issues when combined with question pagination.

smartquizbuilder v17.1.3
Release Date – 11/16/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] image checkbox getting unchecked upon clone

smartquizbuilder v17.1.2
Release Date – 11/15/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] if there are a lot of questions, clone functionality not cloning some of question and answer details correctly.
[FIXED] question reorder was not working correctly

smartquizbuilder v17.1.1
Release Date – 11/15/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] quiz area not centered to the background. An issue with template 7. Now fixed.

smartquizbuilder v17.1
Release Date – 11/14/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] formatting issue in the frontend for the new ecommerce template

smartquizbuilder v17.0
Release Date – 11/13/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Brand new, powerful, ecommerce template is HERE.
[NEW] Slider question now used in scoring quizzes.
[NEW] Calculator quiz now supports multiple outcomes.
[NEW] You can now send custom fields data to students in the SQB student emails.
[NEW] Custom fields now sent to integrator platforms such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Encharge, KonnectzIT
[NEW] SQB now integrates with Acumbamail
[NEW] Brand new, powerful, ecommerce template is HERE.

smartquizbuilder v16.9.5
Release Date – 11/08/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] webhook notification to pabblyconnect not working.

smartquizbuilder v16.9.4
Release Date – 11/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] outcome level email sending 2 emails instead of 1 to students.

smartquizbuilder v16.9.3
Release Date – 11/01/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] checkbox css issue due to a plugin conflict.

smartquizbuilder v16.9.2
Release Date – 11/01/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] the advanced outcome rules was not working on a client site. It was not saving rules in the database. Now fixed.

smartquizbuilder v16.9.1
Release Date – 10/28/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] question bank pagination issue

smartquizbuilder v16.9
Release Date – 10/28/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Question bank is HERE! You can now select questions from quiz bank and add to your quiz. The quiz bank will have questions from all of your quizzes. You can also get SQB to display a certain number of random questions in the frontend. So say your quiz has 100 questions and you want SQB to display just 10 (random selection), you can do that now. You can enable this feature in SQB's display settings tab of your quiz.

[NEW] You can now set advanced answer rules in SQB. You can get SQB to stop the quiz at any point and redirect to any outcome screen of your choice or redirect to the opt-in screen - based on answer choice

smartquizbuilder v16.8.2
Release Date – 10/26/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] branching logic undefined warning messages

smartquizbuilder v16.8.1
Release Date – 10/25/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] warning messages when WP debug mode is enabled.
[FIXED] email notification sending the wrong subject line

smartquizbuilder v16.8

Release Date – 10/21/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] SQB update like was not showing on the plugins page of some WP sites so users had to delete and upload new version. This should get resolved with this new update.

smartquizbuilder v16.7
Release Date – 10/19/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Email Notification at Outcome Level and Quiz Level. Several new email options in SQB. You can configure different emails at outcome level. You can also configure quiz level emails. Before this email, we only add global settings with merge tags.

smartquizbuilder v16.6
Release Date – 10/15/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Global Theme. You can now set a quiz-wide theme. This way, if you do not want to individually style each screen in your quiz, you don't have to! Set a common background, font, width, colors, etc. at quiz level.

smartquizbuilder v16.5
Release Date – 10/12/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] content recommendation engine. You can now add screens between questions based on selected answer choice. You can fully customize what goes in each screen. You can use it to recommend the right product, resource, blog post, page, course, service etc. based on the answer. It's an answer level configuration.

smartquizbuilder v16.4.3
Release Date – 10/09/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] outcome redirect in embed code was not redirecting correctly

smartquizbuilder v16.4.2
Release Date – 10/08/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] matrix question value was not getting assigned correctly in a category-based scoring quiz
[FIXED] email notification formatting issue resolved for calculators

smartquizbuilder v16.4.1
Release Date – 10/07/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] scoring quiz calculations (if preparing results / analyzing results screen is activated)
[FIXED] deleted custom fields still being displayed on the opt-in form

smartquizbuilder v16.4
Release Date – 10/06/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] added support for matrix-style question scoring in a scoring quiz
[NEW] added support for retake count in reports page

smartquizbuilder v16.3
Release Date – 10/05/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] added start button to template 6. You can now use a start screen or a start button for your quiz.

smartquizbuilder v16.2.1
Release Date – 10/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] fb event initialization issue
[FIXED] scoring quiz category values were incorrect on a retake attempt

smartquizbuilder v16.2
Release Date – 10/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] iframe redirect (for embed code) was not redirecting to a different page but instead updating content in the iframe. Now fixed.
[FIXED] scoring quiz category score not mobile responsive.
[FIXED] scoring quiz category was not using the right colors (as set in the backend).
[FIXED] warning issue (header already sent) in one of the files.

smartquizbuilder v16.1.4
Release Date – 10/03/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] scoring quiz retake for category calculations was not working correctly
[FIXED] scoring quiz category total was messed up in mobile
[FIXED] outcome rank merge code was showing in all quizzes instrad of just personality quiz
[FIXED] customizer save issue. It was overwriting the progress bar and animation values

smartquizbuilder v16.1.3
Release Date – 10/02/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] scoring quiz was not displaying category calculations if correct answer was set to display.

smartquizbuilder v16.1.2
Release Date – 10/01/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] mapping error message not showing which question was not setup correctly

smartquizbuilder v16.1.1
Release Date – 09/30/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] css issues on mobile
[FIXED] retake issue in a weighted personality quiz
[FIXED] warning messages related to undefined variables

smartquizbuilder v16.0
Release Date – 09/29/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] weighted scores for personality quiz. You can now assign positive or negative scores to answers in a personality quiz in addition to mapping answers to the right outcome.
[NEW] You can now use the ranking merge code to display not just the top score but also scores that the users got in every category / outcome
[NEW] You can now display your opt-in form before or after questions. You can change the order in SQB Display Settings tab.
[FIXED] question jumping to the top

smartquizbuilder v15.8.2
Release Date – 09/27/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] added from name in student notification tab
[NEW] added support for multiple comma-separated emails in admin notification
[FIXED] css issue with answer hover text color
[FIXED] scoring quiz not showing correct score in a quiz with several questions due to a missing time delay

smartquizbuilder v15.8.1
Release Date – 09/27/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] some tabs were not working on a client site due to JS conflict. Resolved.
[FIXED] warning messages in the SQB export page
[FIXED] tiny mce editor now allowing new lines. Fixed.

smartquizbuilder v15.8
Release Date – 09/26/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] reduced plugin size. Compressed images. We will continue to optimize and reduce size.

smartquizbuilder v15.7.5
Release Date – 09/24/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] start screen width issue
[FIXED] image resize issue

smartquizbuilder v15.7.4
Release Date – 09/24/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] settings page was not saving on some sites due to a js error

smartquizbuilder v15.7.3
Release Date – 09/23/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] template was overlapping customizer

smartquizbuilder v15.7.2
Release Date – 09/23/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] warning messages related to undefined on a client site

smartquizbuilder v15.7.1
Release Date – 09/23/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] added email notification for calculator quiz

smartquizbuilder v15.7
Release Date – 09/23/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with VBOUT
[NEW] SQB now integrates with KonnectzIT
[NEW] Added new question type to calculator and other question types - Numerical Value

smartquizbuilder v15.6.1
Release Date – 09/22/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] quiz was not saving on a site due to an undefined error.
[FIXED] conflict with js_composer_salient as it was using same name function.

smartquizbuilder v15.6
Release Date – 09/22/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Allow users to skip opt-in. Configurable on the lead generation tab.
[NEW] Intgration with Sendfox
[NEW] Intgration with Moosend

smartquizbuilder v15.5
Release Date – 09/21/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Preparing report feature! You can configure SQB to display a preparing report screen after users opt-in but before results are displayed. You can configure this in SQB settings page.

smartquizbuilder v15.4.4
Release Date – 09/19/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] opt-in form HTML code not working in the frontend on a site

smartquizbuilder v15.4.3
Release Date – 09/19/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] fill in the blank text area height

smartquizbuilder v15.4.2
Release Date – 09/17/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Arabic/RTL Support
[FIXED] custom fields not showing in the reports page on some sites.

smartquizbuilder v15.4.1
Release Date – 09/16/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] timing issue with scoring quizzes

smartquizbuilder v15.4
Release Date – 09/16/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now supports custom fields. You can add custom fields, make it required or optional, add different types of custom fields and also re-order the order in which it appears on the opt-in form.

smartquizbuilder v15.3
Release Date – 09/15/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] added a new pre-built scoring quiz in SQB

smartquizbuilder v15.0
Release Date – 09/10/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] brand new template (template #6). One of our best templates.

smartquizbuilder v14.4.2
Release Date – 09/06/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] clicking anywhere on the question screen was sending users to the next screen on a client site.

smartquizbuilder v14.4.1
Release Date – 09/06/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] updated configuration for fluentCRM to trigger activation email.
[FIXED] Added missing preview images. 

smartquizbuilder v14.4
Release Date – 09/03/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB syncs users to WordPress by default but now you can disable WordPress syncing in SQB Settings page under Global Settings.
[NEW] Added a new configuration to specify double opt-in status for fluentCRM.

smartquizbuilder v14.3
Release Date – 09/01/2021
Release Notes

[NEW] Integration with MailPoet
[NEW] 2 New Pre-built Templates 

smartquizbuilder v14.2.1
Release Date – 08/29/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] outcome redirect with email, firstname in query string pararms was not redirecting correctly.

smartquizbuilder v14.2
Release Date – 08/27/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] add cool animation affect for your buttons

smartquizbuilder v14.1
Release Date – 08/26/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with FluentCRM
[FIXED] clone not copying over formula for calculator
[FIXED] question width in calendar question

smartquizbuilder v14.0
Release Date – 08/25/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now supports interactive calculators!
See this post for details.
[NEW] Quiz preview! You can now preview your quiz as you build it without having to publish it.
[FIXED] incorrect answer showing even if display answers is turned off.
[FIXED] manage quizzes - all quizzes now showing on a client site
[FIXED] default width and color for template 5.
[FIXED] delete image was not working on the outcome screen
[FIXED] css issue in the first name screen and a checkbox issue with template 5 on a client site

smartquizbuilder v13.4
Release Date – 08/23/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] New updates to matrix-style question. Changed default matrix options to 5 from 10. Increased default width. Changed background color in reports page.
[FIXED] If correct answer display is turned off, you no longer have to check the correct answer box next to the correct answer in a scoring quiz. It's no longer required.
[FIXED] In edit mode, correct answer options were showing up even if correct answer display is turned off in the display settings tab.
[NEW] updated reports page design

smartquizbuilder v13.3
Release Date – 08/20/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Outcome ranking! Display not just the top ranked outcome but also the next few on the outcome screen using the new outcome rank merge tags
[NEW] Get SQB to send email, first name and outcome title to the final landing page so you can use this data for other automations.
[NEW] analytics for matrix-style questions. You'll find total responses for each option in your matrix question. This will help you figure out most popular and least popular choices.

smartquizbuilder v13.2
Release Date – 08/19/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] new charts added that will show you how many people picked which answer - most popular, least popular choice etc.

smartquizbuilder v13.1
Release Date – 08/16/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] mobile-view css issue on a client site!

smartquizbuilder v13.0
Release Date – 08/15/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] A new pre-built template is HERE. More pre-built quizzes coming soon!

smartquizbuilder v12.8
Release Date – 08/12/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] New question type - Ranking/Choice questions supported
[FIXED] reports page not loading results
[FIXED] undefined warning messages when error reporting is turned on
[FIXED] first name not getting saved in leads table if user email already exists.

smartquizbuilder v12.7.1
Release Date – 08/10/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] mobile css issues on a client site
[NEW] updated settings page design

smartquizbuilder v12.7
Release Date – 08/09/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Category-level calculations for assessments and scoring.
[NEW] Skip start screen
[NEW] New question type - Matrix-style questions supported
[FIXED] Button css issue on a client site
[FIXED] Incorrect answers not getting sent in email/
[FIXED] question type of slider not working in popup quiz

smartquizbuilder v12.6
Release Date – 08/05/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] mobile css issues with a few themes

smartquizbuilder v12.5.1
Release Date – 08/05/2021
Release Notes
[NEW]For incorrect answers, display incorrect answer text on the results screen, reports page and send it in the email.
[FIXED]outcome description not correct in the student notification email.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.5
Release Date – 08/04/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] clone questions instead of creating from scratch
[NEW] clone outcomes instead of creating from scratch
[FIXED] URL encoding issue resulting in question/outcome save issues on a site.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.4.1
Release Date – 08/02/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] embed code iframe height issue.
[FIXED] conflict with SPC due to the same GDPR function name

SmartQuizBuilder v12.4
Release Date – 07/31/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] A unique mobile-view customizer! You can create a look for mobile completely different from desktop view.
[NEW] GRPR support. You can now enable GDPR terms on your opt-in form and make it required or optional. If users don't check the box, they'll not be added to the connected email platform. In the manage leads page, SQB will let you know if users accepted or rejected the terms.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.3.1
Release Date – 07/30/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] theme conflict on a site resulting in embed code issue.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.3
Release Date – 07/29/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] Issue with funnel dropdown due to a JS conflict on some sites.
[FIXED] image URL path causing quiz save issues.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.2

Release Date – 07/26/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] align the questions to the center of the screen if the quiz uses a start button and not a screen.
[FIXED] default text hover color changed to white for all questions except free text.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.1
Release Date – 07/23/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] opt-in form placeholder not getting replaced automatically when users start typing in the opt-in form
[NEW] export leads feature now updated to include outcome in the CSV
[NEW] added outcome description in the email
[FIXED] when users select an answer choice, the active text color was not using the value set in the backend customizer

SmartQuizBuilder v12.0.2
Release Date – 07/20/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] placeholder not getting saved in the html form integration

SmartQuizBuilder v12.0.1
Release Date – 07/19/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Use SQB on ANY site! Even on a non-WordPress site... using the new embed code feature.

SmartQuizBuilder v12.0
Release Date – 07/16/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] HTML-Form code integration. Connect with any email platform that supports HTML form code based integration.
[NEW] Slide-down animation.
[NEW] Background image opacity for template 5.

SmartQuizBuilder v11.7.1
Release Date – 07/15/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] opt-in form css issue on mobile.

SmartQuizBuilder v11.7
Release Date – 07/15/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Skip Mapping for personality quiz to allow users to skip mapping for some questions.
[NEW] Background image and opacity support for template 5
[NEW] Changed the outcome mapping flow to make it more intuitive.
[FIXED] resolved conflict with duplicator pro in the quiz funnel page.

SmartQuizBuilder v11.6
Release Date – 07/12/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] resolved conflict with duplicator pro

SmartQuizBuilder v11.5
Release Date – 07/11/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] reports not loading correctly for some of the date ranges.

SmartQuizBuilder v11.4

Release Date – 07/09/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] outcome mapping issue in personality quizzes where users can select multiple answers (multiple choice questions).

SmartQuizBuilder v11.3
Release Date – 07/08/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] FB tracking issue. Updated data that gets sent to FB when users select an answer choice

SmartQuizBuilder v11.2
Release Date – 07/07/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] integration with MailerLite Email Platform.
[NEW] added tooltip to different texts in the SQB settings page

SmartQuizBuilder v11.1
Release Date – 06/29/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] integration with GetResponse Email Platform.

SmartQuizBuilder v11.0
Release Date – 06/29/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] a brand new template (template #5) with a beautiful, eye-catching, unique design.
[NEW] Integration with Pabbly Connect and Integrately.

SmartQuizBuilder v10.2
Release Date – 06/29/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Countdown timer for quizzes. You can now add timed quizzes where if the participants don't finish the quiz in the set time, they won't be allowed to continue with the questions.

SmartQuizBuilder v10.1
Release Date – 06/27/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] css issues on mobile

SmartQuizBuilder v10.0
Release Date – 06/25/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Updated Encryption
[NEW] Added new stying options for blocking quizzes
[FIXED] Retake not appearing in lessons after quiz completion. Only appearing upon refresh. Now resolved.

SmartQuizBuilder v9.5
Release Date – 06/21/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with SendInBlue email platform
[NEW] Support for Montserrat font

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4.2
Release Date – 06/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] course dropdown not loading on a DAP site

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4.1
Release Date – 06/03/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] undefined variable warning message when WP_DEBUG is enabled

SmartQuizBuilder v9.4
Release Date – 06/02/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Retake Quiz feature for non-DAP quizzes.

SmartQuizBuilder v9.2
Release Date – 06/01/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] retake scrolling to the top in DAP lessons

SmartQuizBuilder v9.1
Release Date – 05/30/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] support for points/credits
[NEW] integration with DAP course/lesson builder

SmartQuizBuilder v8.2
Release Date – 05/18/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] warning message related to an uninitialized variable v

SmartQuizBuilder v8.1
Release Date – 05/12/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] blocking quiz position - screen was moving up after each answer.
[FIXED] retake not working correctly

SmartQuizBuilder v8.0
Release Date – 04/16/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] File Upload feature. Allow users to upload files. SQB now supports file upload as a question tyoe.
[NEW] Email verification. Prevent users from using invalid emails to opt-in. SQB integrates with Quick Email Verification to verify if the email is valid in real time
[NEW] SQB will auto-populate the name and email field in the opt-in form if users are logged-in to DAP.

SmartQuizBuilder v7.0
Release Date – 04/08/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] A visually appealing, slide-in animation effect between screens

SmartQuizBuilder v6.2
Release Date – 03/19/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED] Embed code JS conflict.
[FIXED] corner popup was not working if there were other quiz shortcodes on the page.

SmartQuizBuilder v6.1
Release Date – 03/18/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] allow selection of home page in the page list dropdown.

SmartQuizBuilder v6.0
Release Date – 03/18/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Popovers! You can display your quiz or survey as a popup in a bottom right corner of your screen
[NEW] You can configue when the quiz is displayed (time delay) and how often it's displayed.

SmartQuizBuilder v5.0
Release Date – 01/20/2021
Release Notes
[NEW] Embed Code. Create quiz on one site and use it anywhere - even if you don't have SQB on the site.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.5
Release Date – 01/05/2021
Release Notes
[NEW]Added support for Rating Scale Questions and YES/NO questions.
[NEW]Consolidated all question types under the question type dropdown - including single and multiple choice questions.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.4
Release Date – 01/04/2021
Release Notes
[FIXED]outcome was not saving on one of the sites.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.3
Release Date – 12/26/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]option selection was not working without next button on some site.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.2
Release Date – 12/21/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]optimized flow

SmartQuizBuilder v4.1
Release Date – 12/18/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]export question, answers, results.

SmartQuizBuilder v4.0
Release Date – 12/17/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]quiz pagination now supported in DAP lessons.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.4
Release Date – 12/12/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]encryption issue

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.3
Release Date – 12/11/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]text alignment not working in the opt-in form.
[NEW]added date to the student-facing shortcode.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.2
Release Date – 12/09/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]student-facing shortcode not displaying results

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9.1
Release Date – 12/08/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]css issues on a client site

SmartQuizBuilder v3.9
Release Date – 12/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]FB library Javascript conflict on client site.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.8
Release Date – 12/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]issue with question re-ordering on a site.
[FIXED]question width not getting saved on a site.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.7
Release Date – 12/03/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]webhook URL not getting saved
[FIXED]social share - outcome was not being shared

SmartQuizBuilder v3.6
Release Date – 12/02/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]CSS issues on a client site

SmartQuizBuilder v3.5
Release Date – 12/01/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]FB share optimized so it loads faster on the outcome page

SmartQuizBuilder v3.4
Release Date – 11/30/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]external integration not getting saved correctly.
[FIXED]Issue with Zapier integration.
[FIXED]Removed numbers from the email results sent to students.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.3
Release Date – 11/12/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]php warning about a deprecated call

SmartQuizBuilder v3.2
Release Date – 10/15/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Multiple choice answers not showing all selections in the results screen

SmartQuizBuilder v3.1
Release Date – 10/01/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Personalization screen was not picking up border, width and background style from the template.
[FIXED]Results popup resizing issue.

SmartQuizBuilder v3.0
Release Date – 10/01/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]send results to admin when users complete a quiz.
[NEW]send results to participants when they complete a quiz.
[NEW]create student-facing page that will show them a list of all courses, lessons, quizzes they have taken, results etc.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.8
Release Date – 09/29/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]notification setting not getting saved.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.7
Release Date – 09/29/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]inline editor for placeholders
[NEW]Loading gif when users pick the last answer choice before outcome or opt-in is displayed.
[FIXED]css conflicts on some sites

SmartQuizBuilder v2.6
Release Date – 09/26/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]default value for background was not set correcly

SmartQuizBuilder v2.5
Release Date – 09/23/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]Mobile issue. Last answer was not showing in reports.
[FIXED]SQB guest account was not getting created in some cases (if no opt-in).

SmartQuizBuilder v2.4
Release Date – 09/23/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]top frame background color customizer for templates 3 and 4

SmartQuizBuilder v2.3
Release Date – 09/22/2020
Release Notes
[NEW] SQB now integrates with DAP Courses.
[NEW] Add blocking or non-blocking quizzes to your lessons.
[NEW] Allow students to retake the quiz
[NEW] Set passing grade for the quiz. Students won't be allowed to go to the next lesson if they don't pass the quiz.
[NEW] Display results and correct/incorrect answers after students complete the quiz (configurable).
[NEW] Configure SQB to automatically display the quiz on the selected lesson pages.

SmartQuizBuilder v2.2
Release Date – 09/17/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]conflict with thrive architect

SmartQuizBuilder v2.1
Release Date – 09/13/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]special character encoding issue

SmartQuizBuilder v2.0
Release Date – 09/11/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]css issue in popup display

SmartQuizBuilder v1.9
Release Date – 09/10/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]Send not just one outcome but all the outcomes types in the order of their ranks. So the closest match to their type and also the #2, #3 match, etc. You can configure SQB to map the outcome ranks to custom fields in ActiveCampaign. It currently works with AC but we'll be extending to other email platforms as well!
[NEW]Add multiple quizzes on the same page.
[NEW]SQB can now send a webhook notification with the results and the lead details to any webhook handler script. Write custom code to do whatever you want with the results.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.8
Release Date – 09/09/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]database updates were not taking affect without de-activating and re-activating plugin.
[FIXED]questions not saving on one site
[FIXED]database errors were not being reported.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.7
Release Date – 09/08/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]free text answers were not connecting to the right next node in the funnel.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.6
Release Date – 09/07/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]cloning feature was not cloning the funnel data.
[FIXED]if question title is updated, it was not showing the updated titlein the funnel builder.
[NEW]question number added to each node in the funnel. Displays on hover.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.5
Release Date – 09/05/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]if a question is deleted and re-created after a funnel is built, it was causing an issue with the flow in the frontend. Fixed now.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.4
Release Date – 09/04/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]personalized quiz not working if start button was used instead of a start screen
[FIXED]popup not centered.

SmartQuizBuilder v1.3
Release Date – 09/03/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]popup css issue
[FIXED]opt-in form was showing even if turned off in the backend

SmartQuizBuilder v1.2
Release Date – 09/02/2020
Release Notes
[FIXED]MCE editor issue
[FIXED]Add outcome not working due to a plugin conflict

SmartQuizBuilder v1.1
Release Date – 08/28/2020
Release Notes
[NEW]Added autoupdate support

SmartQuizBuilder v1.0
Release Date – 08/28/2020
Release Notes
[LAUNCHED]The most powerful quiz and survey plugin.