Next Level Content Marketing ?

One of the growing e-commerce trends is guided product recommendations through quizzes.

The good news for you is... SQB v17 comes with a new e-commerce template that will allow you to create beautiful, stunning quizzes where you can ask your buyers a series of questions and guide them to the right product or set of products that exactly match or closely match their needs!

A product recommendation quiz is a great way to learn more about your customers, while at the same time helping your prospects discover products or resources that best fits their needs!

Check out the DEMO above to see a SQB-powered recommendation quiz! This quiz was inspired by the one on so all credit goes to perfectlocks for this great quiz-based hair extension recommendation.

We used the same questions and similar format to create this quiz in SQB using SQB's new e-commerce template! 

Whether it's a Shopify store or any e-commerce store, whether you sell digital products or sell physical products, you can instantly connect with your prospects through a customized product or resource recommendation - a guided tour, that helps them find what they are looking for and creates a unique, memorable experience for them. Watch this video to see step-by-step how you can create a beautiful product recommendation quiz using SQB's powerful and fully customizable e-commerce template.