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🔥 Content Recommendation Engine 🔥

How to create a Quiz-Based Content Recommendation Engine! (SQB) now comes with a unique "content recommendation" feature that will allow you to display different customized messages based on the answer choice. 

Watch this video to see how to:

👉 Display a recommendation screen (optional) between question screens.

👉 Use it to recommend the right resource (based on the selected answer)

👉 Your users can click on the next button in the recommendation screen to continue with the rest of the quiz!

👉You can setup recommendation for some or all of the answers.

👉 You can use your quiz to direct your website traffic to the right blog post, page, content, resource, course, product, service, etc. 

👉You can enable recommendations at "answer level".

Watch this Video to see how you can set this up!

🔥 Next Level Content Marketing 🔥

How to create a Quiz-Based Content Recommendation Engine!

DEMO: Content Recommendation Engine

I've enabled recommendation for all answers in question #1. I've not enabled recommendation for answers in question #2. When you select any answer in question #1, a customized recommendation will show based on the selected answer.