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? Create an Opt-in Form (no quiz) using Smart Quiz Builder ?

How you can replace your form plugins / platforms with Smart Quiz Builder (SQB)! is a quiz and survey plugin for WordPress. It supports all types of quizzes - personality, assessments, scoring quizzes, surveys and calculators. We've now added a new type called "form" that will allow you to create just an "opt-in" form (without quiz) using SmartQuizBuilder (SQB).

This SQB feature will help you replace your current form plugins/platforms.

Watch this Video to see how you can set this up!

Watch this video to see how to:

? Create an opt-in form (no quiz) using SQB's new "form" feature.

? Display a signup button and configure SQB to display opt-in form in a popup when users click on the button.

? Use SQB to display an opt-in form when users visit a specific page.

? Use SQB to display an opt-in form as an exit popup when users are leaving a specific page.

? Collect name, email and other custom fields on the opt-in form.

? How to get SQB to add subscribers to your email platform or to your automation platform such as Zapier.

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