Export / Import Quiz

Want to export your quiz from say SITE A and import it to a completely different site?

You can now do this using Smart Quiz Builder!

Watch this video to see how to:

? Export your quiz from any Smart Quiz Builder site 

? Import it to a completely different site that has Smart Quiz Builder active with the click of a few buttons

Watch this Video to see how you can set this up!

Steps to EXPORT / IMPORT Quiz


You'll find a list of all of your quizzes in SQB >> Manage Quizzes Page. You can find the quiz you want to export and click on the EXPORT button.

It'll give you a ZIP file.


☑️ Go to SQB >> Settings page.

☑️ Click on Tools.

☑️ Click on the "IMPORT QUIZ" tab.

☑️ And upload the zip file to complete the import!

☑️ You'll find the newly imported quiz in SQB >> manage quizzes page.


You can publish the quiz (on the site where you have imported the quiz) and run a test to make sure everything is working as expected. Also, if your quiz has categories (scoring quiz), you'll have to edit your quiz and reassign categories after the import is complete. 

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