SmartQuizBuilder Documentation

VBOUT Integration with Smart Quiz Builder!

When users complete your quiz and signup, you can get SQB to automatically add subscriber details to VBOUT!

Get your VBOUT API Key

Go to the VBOUT Settings page. Click and get your VBOUT API Key from there.

Enable VBOUT Connection in the Display Settings Tab of your QUIZ in SQB

Edit your quiz. In the "Display Settings" tab, under Lead Generation, check the box next to VBOUT and click on Connect.

Click on Connect and Enter API Key

Now select the LIST from the dropdown 

Now select the LIST from the dropdown and SAVE settings!

Publish and Test

Now you can publish your quiz on any page you want and test! When you take the quiz and opt-in, SQB will automatically add your contact details to VBOUT. 

If you want a more deeper integration where you want to say send quiz results, correct/incorrect answers, etc. to VBOUT, then in that case, instead of a direct integration, use one of the connector platforms that SQB integrates with such as Zapier, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, KonnectzIT, Encharge or ANY platform that supports Webhooks! Enter the Webhook URL in SQB (see image) and connect. Now you can map the fields in the connector/automation platform. 

Don't use direct VBOUT Integration in this case.

Watch this Video to see how you can connect SQB with Different Email Platforms!