Smart Quiz Builder Features

SQB is already the most feature-rich and user-friendly quiz platform. On this page, you'll find all the features that SQB supports currently. 

What's coming next? Check out our roadmap! A LOT more to come! 


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Question Types Supported

Single Choice

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Marketing Platform Integrations


Pabbly Connect


Notify your own custom php script! SQB's webhook notification feature will allow you to send quiz and user details to your own php script.

Customization Options

SQB comes with an advanced customizer. Everything that your users see in the frontend, is fully customizable in the backend. Add in your custom branding, style and make it your own. 

SQB will give you a shortcode for your quiz. You can publish it on any WordPress page.

Image Questions / Answers 

You can use GIFs, videos, emojis, and images in your questions. You can use GIFs and images in your answers. 

Personalized Quiz

Personalize your quiz (ask for first name and then use it to personalize the entire quiz experience). You can configure it in SQB >> Settings page.

Branching Logic

SQB's visual funnel builder will allow you to create smart quiz and survey funnels (with branching logic) where the next question that's shown to the participants depends on their answer to the previous one. 

Weighted Questions

You can even assign negative points to your answers in a scoring quiz! SQB will automatically add up the points based on the selected answer choices and map to the right outcome based on the score. You can send users to different outcome screen based on the scoring range. 

Demo here.

Outcome Redirect

Skip the results screen. Redirect quiz takers to any page you want based on their results. You can map different outcomes to different pages on your site or even a 3rd party site.

Skip Start Screen

If you want to skip the start screen (or start button) and have SQB go straight to the question screen and display the first question wherever you publish the quiz, you can turn off start screen display in SQB >> Display Settings page.

Skip Opt-in 

Don't want to collect contact info? You can get SQB to directly send users to the outcome screen after they answer the last question in your quiz. If you turn it off, SQB will not display the opt-in screen.

Analytics / Reports

SQB will provide you with all the insights you need to make smart decisions and grow your business!

It comes with analytics /charts that will show you how many people picked a specific answer choice, the most popular choice, what your prospects don't care about, etc.

You’ll be able to track results and performance for each quiz in the Smart Quiz Builder dashboard, so you can see which quizzes work best.

Manage Leads

You'll find a list of all the users that opt-in at the end after taking the quiz. You'll find their quiz results, correct / incorrect answers, scores etc. 

Social Share

Want your quiz to go viral? Make it easy to share results!


Display social share buttons on the final result screen so participants can easily share their score/outcome on social with the click of a button.

Assign Tags

Assign different tags to different outcomes. SQB will send the tag the quiz takers get (based on their outcome) to the connected email platform. 

Student / Admin Email Notification

Send an email to your students with the quiz results, questions, answers, outcome details, etc. right after they complete the quiz. Configure SQB to send you (site owner) an email when someone completes the quiz.

Category-level Calculations

SQB supports question categories and category-level calculations for scoring quizzes.

You can assign a category to each question in your quiz.  in In addition to overall totals, SQB will calculate and display category-level breakdown as well.

You can display not just the overall points/score but also the total points in each category (using merge tags) in the final outcome screen.

Mobile-view Customizer 

As more and more people are using their mobile devices for everything, it's important to optimize content for mobile! SQB comes with a powerful mobile-view customizer in SQB! You can create a completely different style for your mobile users.

GDPR Support

You can get SQB to display GDPR terms to users from GDPR countries. First enable GDPR settings in SQB >> Settings page >> GDPR tab.

After you enable GDPR, you can add GDPR terms to your opt-in form in SQB >> Quiz >> Lead Generation screen. You can fully customize the terms. It'll only be displayed to users that are GDPR-eligible.

Clone Questions / Answers

You can now clone your questions and outcomes in SQB! It'll save you a ton of time as you can clone your existing questions or outcomes. You don't have to create and customize it from scratch.

Pre-built Quizzes

SQB now supports pre-built quizzes! Instead of building a quiz from scratch, you can pick a quiz from our library and make the necessary updates to it.

Beautiful Templates

SQB comes with several modern, eye-catching templates. Pick a template and customize the style using SQB's advanced customizer.

Matrix-Style Questions

SQB now supports matrix-style questions for your surveys and quizzes! You can also assign "points" to each matrix option and have SQB add up the points based on the answers that users pick and display an average (of points earned) in the outcome screen! SQB will show you the total number of responses (%) that each matrix-option gets in the reports page.

Ranking / Choice Questions

If you want to send a survey where you want your users to re-order the answer choices based on their preference, you can do this using ranking/choice question type. SQB will allow display the total number of responses for each combination: 

For e.g. red, blue, green : 40%,  blue, green, red: 20% . You'll also find detailed stats that will show you the total responses for each combination.

Embed Code 

Use SQB on any site - even a non-WordPress site - using the embed code feature. Just install and create your quiz on a WordPress site first. Then generate an embed code for your quiz in SQB. Publish that code on ANY Site - even on a non-WordPress site! It'll display the quiz there even if you don't have SQB on that site!

HTML-Form Integration 

SQB integrates with all leading email marketing and marketing automation platforms. The good news is, even if your email platform or CRM does not have a direct integration with SQB, you can use the HTML-form based integration to integrate with any platform (such as Mautic) that supports HTML code based integration! 


SQB supports different types of animation effect between screens. You can use a cool slide-down or slide-right animation effect but it's optional.

Skip Outcome Mapping 

In a personality quiz, you need to map answers to outcomes. However, if you have certain questions that does not help you decide the final outcome, you can configure SQB to skip mapping for those questions. 

Email Verification

Want to prevent your users from signing up with a fake email? Signup for a free account with And enable email verification on SQB opt-in tab.

Quiz Display Options

You can display your quiz in-page, in a popup or even as a popover in the bottom, right corner of your screen. You can add a time delay for your popover quiz. You can also configure SQB to only display it if users have not already seen it.

Timed Quiz

Add a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer. If the timer expires, you can configure SQB to either send users to the opt-in screen with a message to let them know that the timer has expired or send them directly to the outcome screen with a time expired message displayed at the top.

Retake Quiz

Want to allow users to retake the quiz after they complete it? If yes, you can enable 'retake' at quiz level. You can also set a max allowed retake limit.

Randomize Questions/Answers

Want to randomize questions/answers so it's displayed in a random order every time someone takes the quiz? You can do this in SQB >>Settings page >> Quiz Settings.

Preview Quiz

Preview your quiz as you build it. No need to publish the quiz to test it. You can fully preview the quiz and test it in preview mode.

Button Animation

You can add a cool animation effect to your SQB buttons to make it even more fun and engaging for your users. It'll be applied when your users click on the take the quiz button.