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 Here's a list of features that SQB supports currently.

Public Roadmap... 

SQB is already the World's most feature-rich and user-friendly quiz platform but we are not done yet! What's coming next?

Check out our roadmap!

ETA: 1 Month

Ecommerce Template - RELEASED

Question Bank / Random Questions: Create a question bank and then generate a quiz consisting say 50 randomly picked questions from say 1000 questions.  - RELEASED

Global Theme (quiz-level setting). Set a global theme/style for question and outcome screens.  - RELEASED

Import questions from CSV  - RELEASED

Content Recommendation Engine: display suggested posts, pages, images etc. based on answers. - RELEASED

Tags at answer levelCurrently SQB supports outcome level tags. - RELEASED

Form Builder Mode: Want to replace your current Form Builder Plugin / Platform with SQB?  SQB will allow you to create a standard opt-in form! You won't have to add any questions! You can display the form display in a popup or in-page! - RELEASED

Send Custom Fields Data to integrators/connectors such as Zapier, KonnectzIT, Pabbly Connect, Encharge, etc. - RELEASED

Allow first name tag to be used anywhere as long as users have entered their name in the personalization screen or on the opt-in form. - RELEASED

Export / Import Quizzes - RELEASED

Calculator: allow formula to outcome mapping where based on the number or range the formula evaluates to, send to the right outcome screen. - RELEASED

Weighted answers in a personality quiz. SQB already supports weighted answers in a scoring quiz. - RELEASED

Custom Fields:  Ability to collect additional custom fields on the opt-in form coming soon - RELEASED

Unlock Access by Sharing on Social - RELEASED

Groundhogg CRM - RELEASED

Skip opt-in screen for specific outcomes - RELEASED

Display an intermediate screen with any message you want after each question or after a specific question. - RELEASED

Analyzing results screen where an intermediate screen pops up after users opt-in, before outcome is displayed. - RELEASED

Set outcome mapping rules for “category-based” scoring quiz where you can redirect to different outcome screens based on the highest category score instead of the overall score. - COMING SOON

More pre-built quizzes - COMING SOON

ETA: 1-2 Months

Display outcome title (teaser) on the opt-in screen

Support all question types in all quizzes. 

More pre-built quizzes

Import questions from CSV (add support for more question types)

Display total score/points for outcome and categories in percentage

Display a report / chart on the final outcome screen (user-facing) that shows the totals under different categories (for personality quizzes and assessments).

ETA: 2-4 Months

New Integrations: Sendy, Sendlane

Add phone number, address, etc. as default fields. No need to create custom fields for these. 

Outcome mapping for matrix-style questions in a personality quiz.

Outcome mapping for rating questions in a personality quiz.

Support all question types in all quizzes. 

ETA: 3-6 Months

Entry/Exit pop setting for the quiz.


More pre-built quizzes

New question types - Match Answers, Drop Down, Date

More Integrations: Kartra, WP Fusion, Wishpond, Groove

Custom Field Mapping between SQB and some email platforms such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

Analytics: more stats - find all users that picked a specific answer choice, list of users that got a specific outcome etc.

Leaderboard: make your quiz more fun and competitive. After passing the assessment or scoring quiz, participants can see the scores of other participants.

Badges: Create and award badges people will actually want to share.

Add a Prev Button (configurable).

Add a hint to your questions to make them easier to answer.

Dropdown Question Type.

More integrations: Sendy, Automizy Integration

Announcement Bar: Want to share an important message with your site visitors or members ? Add an announcement bar.

Custom Tracking Code / script. 

ETA: 5-8 Months

Share button integration with LinkedIn

A unique chat-style quiz.