September 23, 2021

? OMG! Smart Quiz Builder has earned AppSumo’s “Deal of the Week”! ?

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Deal of the Week! 

"Great news!!! Smart Quiz Builder has earned Deal of the Week last week!
We will be featuring you in a DEDICATED email to the general audience this week."

When the AppSumo Launch Team sent me this message yesterday, I truly couldn't believe it at first! It took a few minutes for it to register. ?

Such an honor! ?

If you work hard, genuinely care about your customers, listen to feedback and continually make your product better, anything is possible! 

By the way, you can still grab the deal here... It won't be available for too long!

Totally blown away by all the love and support ?

"I have wanted to write this email for a while now to say a big thank you for the amazing tutorials and support you give to your product Smart Quiz Builder!  

You are really looking after your "Baby" and I have recommended it to many of the people I relate to. It's a real pat on the back from AppSumo the way they are promoting you and it's the very thing you deserve for the great product you have developed ???

- Lloyd"

So many great things have come out of this AppSumo deal...

? Connections: I've connected with so many amazing people that are now members of the SQB family, thanks to AppSumo. 

? Helping Businesses Generate More Leads and Sales: This deal has allowed so many people (that I would have never reached otherwise) to benefit from SQB and all it has to offer! Whether you want to use it as a marketing tool or an education tool, you can do it all using SQB. 

? New Features / New Ideas: Our users are sending us so many new ideas that's helping us make SQB even better. We're releasing new features and new integrations at a very rapid pace. You can join my Facebook Group for all the latest news and updates!

? New Integrations: SQB now has native integration with so many different platforms! The other day one of the users said SQB has now become a mini-Zapier ?. We're adding a new integration every few days!

I'm so impressed by AppSumo and how they manage the whole process from start to finish.

It's one of the most professionally run business! From their selection process, interview, etc. for their select program to the final launch, their whole team (content team, support team,  launch team, etc.) work so well together to make it all come together! I've had such a great experience working with the AppSumo team. ?

Overall a very positive experience! 

Don't have SQB?

You can still grab the AppSumo LTD!

It's an INSANE lifetime unlimited-site offer - we'll likely never offer unlimited lifetime at this price again!

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