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The Most Powerful, Customizable & Easy-to-use Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Why SQB? 

There's not much SQB can't do! 

The World's BEST Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Over the years, I've created and launched several successful plugins but SQB is probably my favorite . It's an easy-to-use, very intuitive, feature-rich and visually engaging plugin that will help you capture high quality leads.

I created SQB as I wanted to replace static content on my site with smart quiz funnels. All available solutions were either too pricey (monthly fee), limited in what they could do (features), were hard to use, or had a clumsy interface!

SQB is refreshingly different. And it can pretty much do it all!

You can easily build a quiz funnel where you can ask your prospects a series of relevant questions to learn more about them, segment based on their answers or results, and offer solutions that's fully customized to address their specific needs. 

SQB can auto-generate fully personalized PDF reports based on outcome.

Recently Chris Lema, a well known blogger, built a vacation recommendation engine using SQB and he was so impressed by it, he called it the "Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress".

The Feature Highlights

  • All quiz types supported - personality, assessment, scoring, calculator, poll, form and survey.
  • Create beautiful, interactive quizzes that stand out.
  • Use the visual funnel builder to easily build quiz funnels.
  • Automatically generate a fully personalized PDF report.
  • Award certificates.
  • Student-facing dashboard - quiz results, certificates, etc.
  • Leaderboard coming soon (Dec 2022)
  •  Display outcomes based on specific answers.
  •  Branching / conditional logic
  •  Integrates with all leading email platforms. 
  • All key question types supported.
  • Redirect to the right outcome page based on answers.
  •  Create a fully personalized quiz using name.
  •  Publish on any site using embed code.
  •  Advanced analytics. Track stats. Manage leads.
  •  Allow users to share their quiz results on social.
  • Connect your Facebook pixel. Send custom events to Facebook.
  •  Gamified animations.
  •  A unique mobile-view customizer.
  •  Weighted questions.
  • Advanced category calculations.
  •  Display tag-based content on the outcome screen.
  •  Beautiful, conversational templates.
  •  Create beautiful opt-in forms. Add custom form fields.
  • Timed quizzes.
  •  Pre-built templates.

It's that time of the year!

Black Friday Special - 30-50% Discount!




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