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Connect SQB with your Email Platform

SQB integrates with all leading Email Platforms

Want to integrate SQB with your email platform? 

Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) will allow you to ask your prospects a series of questions so you can learn more about them, and then display an opt-in form. Your prospects will happily enter their email because they want to see the results! You can get SQB to add users to the right list and the follow-up sequence in your email platform!

In this video, I've shared how you can:

  • Create and publish your quiz using SQB.
  • Integrate Smart Quiz Builder with your Email Platform.
  • Add users to the right list with the right tags in your platform.
  • Integrate using HTML form
  • Use SQB's brand new template to create quizzes that stand out!

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Want to know if SQB integrates with your email platform?

You'll find the full list here. If it's not there, check out the roadmap.