July 10, 2021

How to integrate Smart Quiz Builder with your Email Platform!

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Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) will allow you to ask your prospects a series of questions so you can learn more about them, and then display an opt-in form. Your prospects will happily enter their email because they want to see the results! You can get SQB to add users to the right list and the follow-up sequence in your email platform!

Watch this video to see how you can integrate SQB with your email platform & more!

Interactive forms increase engagement, build trust and makes the whole experience a lot more fun for your site visitors! No wonder lead magnet quizzes have an average conversion rate of 50%!

I do this on my lab site. Users need to answer a few questions and then they can opt-in to get access to my free course. I also wrote about this here.

In this video, I've shared how you can:

  • Create and publish your quiz using SQB.
  • Integrate Smart Quiz Builder with your Email Platform.
  • Add users to the right list with the right tags in your platform.
  • Upcoming HTML form integration & custom field support.
  • Use SQB's brand new template to create quizzes that stand out!

SQB stores the lead details and quiz results in it's own tables. You'll find all the details (name, email, outcome, score, correct/incorrect answers, retake count, time spent, etc.) in SQB >> Leads page >> Manage Users tab.

Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) also integrates with all leading email and marketing automation platforms so if you want to send lead details to your platform, you can do that too!

Email Platform Integration

Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) already integrates with these email platforms:

Pabbly Connect
Digital Access Pass (DAP)

SQB also supports Webhook Notification.

More integrations coming soon:
Encharge, Klaviyo, Mautic, MailPoet, Sendfox


If you want to see a LIVE demo of different types of quizzes, here's where you can find them:

1. "Is [product] right for you?" quiz

Go to DigitalAccessPass.com site and take the "Is DAP Right For YOU?" personality quiz. See how it works. 

2. Lead magnet quiz funnel

Visit our MembershipSiteLab.com site and click on the button to signup for the free course. 

3. Personality Quiz Demo

Click here for a demo of a personality quiz built using SQB.

4. Assessment Quiz Demo

Click here for a demo of an assessment quiz built using SQB.

5. Scoring Quiz Demo

Click here for a demo of a scoring quiz built using SQB.

6. Survey Demo

Click here for a demo of a survey quiz built using SQB.

Static forms are so yesterday!

Are you ready to get started with SQB?

If you have questions about SQB or need ideas for a quiz or survey funnel for your business, you can post them in my Facebook Group or send me an email through the contact us form on our site.

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