Static vs Interactive Content

Are you struggling to keep people on your Site?

If yes, you are not alone!

Human attention span is at the lowest ever. People are easily distracted these days. 

So when it comes to marketing to your audience, how do you get them to stay and consume your content? 

The answer in two words is... “Interactive Content”.

Static content is so yesterday! 

Everyone is creating checklists, worksheets, PDFs and ebooks. It’s not going to help you increase engagement and interaction with your prospects. 

Today it’s all about creating fun and engaging experiences for your website visitors so they’ll stay on your website longer and consume your content. More consumption will result in more conversions. 

Interactive content is here to stay! 

When I say “interactive content”, I’m referring to digital content such as quizzes, polls, games, rewards, assessments, infographics, etc, where people actively participate, instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening. 

It’s the type of content that encourages consumers to compete, consume, test their knowledge and achieve results. 

You can take this assessment to determine your content’s effectiveness.

You’ll receive insights that will help you improve your content strategy.

And this is the type of interactive content that you need to add to your site if you want your audience to participate, achieve results and share!

Interactive content will help you establish a relationship with your prospects and present a better understanding of your products and services. Once they become a lead, you can continue to provide value and nurture through your sales funnel until they’re ready to become a customer.

So is interactive content a big part of your content strategy?

If not, it’s time to change that!

We are all familiar with static content. It’s easy to add static content to our sites. However, if you want to convert more of your prospects into qualified leads and paying customers, you have got to build interactivity and shareability into your content. It’ll energize your prospects and get them to actively participate. 

It’s time to hack the attention span of your audience with interactivity!

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