September 8, 2021

Deliver personalized solutions just like FitOn App!

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No one wants a generic solution

Saw an ad for FitOn app in my feed.

Looked interesting (plus it's completely free) so clicked on the signup button. It didn't show me a signup form right away. Instead, it asked me a bunch of simple single/multiple choice questions.

First question - "What's your goal?"

Last question - "How did you hear about us?".

There were about 5-6 other questions so they could learn more about my preferences and goals.

Finally, a signup form showed up. 

Upon signup, I was presented with a FREE customized workout plan based on my answers. 

The point is... this is what all good apps/programs do! They don't offer generic solutions to specific problems. 

Seems like such a basic thing to do, right?

Most people don't do it!

No one wants a generic solution that does not address their specific problem. It doesn't matter what your niche is... spend a few minutes to figure out the right set of questions to ask your prospects. And send them down the right path based on answers.

Deliver a personalized plan based on the specific goals of your prospects and in the process, collect data that will help you develop your program so it better suits the needs and wants of your prospects.

How to Deliver a Customized Solution using a Quiz Funnel

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