September 12, 2020

Don’t believe in the Power of Quizzes?

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Think quizzes are overhyped?

If you think quizzes are overhyped or just don't have the time to add one to your site, just watch the video below. 

Be sure to watch the video above to see how this quiz is helping us learn more about our prospects, and how you too can implement a similar quiz to learn more about your audience, get their feedback, and help them pick the right product or service. I've also shared several ideas, tips and strategies that will help you improve quiz engagement and conversion rate.

I've been wanting to add a personality quiz on our DigitalAccessPass site from a while. Now that I've my own plugin, we didn't waste any time.

A couple of days ago, we added a "Is DAP Right For YOU?" quiz on our DigitalAccessPass site, and even though it's just been a few days, the results are already incredible! 

Every morning, I love seeing, "A New User has Completed the Quiz" notification from Smart Quiz Builder in my inbox! I'm excited to see their answers, especially to the open-ended question -  "Anything else in your must-have list that we didn't cover in this quiz?". 

You can add a whole bunch of static content to your site that explains every single thing that your prospects want to know about your product or service in great detail but it's not going to help much. 

Most people just skim through the content. If they don't quickly find what they are looking for, they'll leave. You only have a few seconds to make a strong impression on a first time visitor. People are not going to read a whole bunch of content to figure out if your product will work for them. A static piece of content is just not going to get it done. Not when you've big plans for your business.

A quiz will help you rearrange peoples perspective of your product.


Just ask your audience what problem they have or what their objection is with your product. For e.g:

1.  Not sure if <insert product name> is right for you?

2. Seems too complicated?

3. Price point too high 

4. Other

Send them to a page that answers their specific concern based on their answer.

For e.g, if they say, "seems to complicated", ask them which specific area seems complicated to them. Based on their answer, send them to a page that simplifies it for them and clearly explain to them how you can help them solve the problem. 

If their concern is "price", ask them if it would help if you offered a payment plan. If they say, "yes", contact them via email. Let them know you saw their answer to your quiz and you don't want them to miss out on your product because of price concerns. Send them a special link where instead of paying the full price upfront, they can get the get the same product for say 3 payments of X amount. Let them know it's a limited-time offer. 

If they pick "other", send them to an open-ended next question where they can let you know what specific challenge they have. Reach out to them and let them know how you can help solve the specific problem they have.

Smart Quiz Builder is a game changer when it comes to quality lead generation and the kind of insights you'll gain about your target audience. It's easy-to-use, super powerful and effective. So if you have a SQB license, use it! If you don't, you can get one here

When users complete the quiz and opt-in, you'll instantly receive an email that will give you all the details about your prospect - name, email, their answer choices, their feedback and the outcome they got. 

SQB is probably the only quiz plugin that will allow you to add a personality quiz with all types of questions - single & multiple choice, open-ended, etc. And at the end, it'll display the right outcome based on the selected answers. 

The quiz on the home page of our DigitalAccessPass site helps our prospects figure out two things:

1. Is DAP the right membership plugin for them?

2. Which license will work best for them based on their specific needs.

We're now using a personality quiz with single choice, multiple choice and open-ended questions. I think SQB is the only plugin where you can add open-ended questions even to a personality quiz.

And we're already seeing the results! More than 50% of users that visit the site, are taking the quiz and also letting us know what their specific needs are.

Just sharing this because it has been very effective for us.

Click on the button below to check out the quiz we have on our DAP site.

So do you want to know why people that come to your site are leaving without buying?


Replace static content on your sales page with an interactive quiz. You'll start seeing better results almost immediately! 

A couple of days ago, I was on a call with one of our Smart Quiz Builder users and he said, "I think this is the most useful plugin I've ever used".  

I feel the same way about SQB!

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