July 27, 2020

No better Lead Magnet than a Quiz!

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Quizzes are EVERGREEN

Quizzes are one of the most popular forms of interactive content. 

It'll allow your audience to get immediate insights into their current situation and  provide you with instant feedback. You can use the data to segment your prospects and create more targeted and personalized content for them, which naturally leads to brand loyalty.

There are so many examples of popular brands that have doubled or tripled their leads using quizzes. And you can easily do what they have done! 

Instead of selling to everyone with a common message, ask questions to learn more about your audience, and use the data to personalize and customize the experience for them. That's it! 

Here's an example of a quiz with a nice, fun image from Digital Detox.

Different Types of Quizzes

Pesonality quizzes are very popular. In this type of quiz, there isn’t a right or wrong answer for each question. Each answer correlates to a specific outcome or personality type. Once the quiz taker has gone through all the questions, the result that gets the most overall correlations is considered the quiz takers’ personality type.

The knowledge quizzes are also very appealing because it helps nurture the competitive spirit in us all. In an assessment type quiz, there is a right answer for each question. You can use this quiz to test the participant's knowledge on a certain topic, like an exam in school.

You can also use a tally-based quiz where you can assign points to the answers and 
the result is based on the total number of points scored.

Most Shared Content on Facebook

Did you know that 96 percent of users who start BuzzFeed Sponsor Quizzes finish them? 

People LOVE taking quizzes because it’s fun and engaging. It drives people to participate, achieve results and share!

Quizzes feed our innate vanity as human beings! We all love talking, learning and sharing fun, cool and positive stuff about ourselves :-). It feeds our ego. It helps us feel good about ourselves. 

No wonder quizzes go viral on social media, especially Facebook, more than any other type of content. A strong quiz title will get you more clicks and a positive result is key to it going viral. 

When you create a quiz, think about what type of outcome would you share? The ones that just said "Good Job" or the ones where you can see you feel like they sort of know you? 

It will really pay off on the social share side if you put a little time and thought into the quiz or test results.

No Better Lead Magnet

Lead magnet quizzes have an average conversion rate of 50%!



I would be beyond thrilled with that type of conversion rate! 

How about you?

In a traditional lead magnet, you ask for contact info first and everyone gets access to the same content. When you use a quiz as a lead magent, your interaction with your prospects starts the moment they click on the button to take the quiz. You give before you ask. The opt-in part is towards the end, not at the start.

The best part? 

Your quiz becomes the lead magnet! No need to create another lead magnet. 

Instead of selling to people in a one-size-fits-all way, a lead magnet quiz will allow you ask a series of questions and place your prospects in the right segment based on their answers, and direct them to the right solution based on their unique needs or situation.

Attention spans are dwindling. And so is the amount of time people spend on sites consuming content. So how are you going to get people to buy your products or services if they don’t stay long enough to read your message and consume your content?

To capture people’s attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 15 seconds or less. It’s all about making an impact and creating a memorable experience from the moment potential customers visit your site. 

This quiz start screen was created using Smart Quiz Builder :-). This is just one of the many beautiful, eye-catching templates SQB comes with!

You know your target customers better than anyone else. You know their pain points. You don't have to solve every problem. Just solve one small problem for them through your quiz. You’ll gain instant credibility and trust! 

Ready to build A Quiz?

The type of data you can collect and the insights you gain about your audience using quizzes and surveys is truly remarkable. It’ll give you an instant advantage over your competitors that still use static content.  

The good news is... we're getting ready to release the most powerful and customaziable quiz builder plugin for WordPress called Smart Quiz Builder (SQB).

The release date is 08.28.2020.

In the meantime, you may want to start working on these key elements for your quiz:

  • Goal: The purpose of your quiz. What are trying to accomplish?
  • Start Screen: A strong quiz title and description
  • Questions & Answers: Between 5-10 questions, aimed at learning everything you want to know about your participants - their preferences, skills, needs and wants. 
  • Lead Capture Screen:  the user enters their email address in order to receive the results
  • Results and Offer Screen– the user sees the results and usually a CTA that leads them to an offer that matches the results.

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