July 19, 2021

Another MASSIVE update! SQB v12.0 is here!

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Latest News & Updates

We're adding new features at a furious pace here at Smart Quiz Builder! SQB v12.0.1 is now available for download. 

SQB v12.x includes these incredible NEW features:

  • Embed Code: Use SQB on ANY Site - even on Non-WordPress Sites!

I'm excited to let you know that SQB will now work even on non-WordPress sites using the Embed Code feature!

Just install and create your quiz on a WordPress site first. Then generate an embed code for your quiz in SQB. Publish that code on ANY Site - even on a non-WordPress site!

It'll display the quiz there even if you don't have SQB on that site!

We had this feature before but it only worked on WordPress sites. Now we have removed this limitation! SQB's new embed code will work on any site. You don't need to have WordPress on that site.

  • HTML Form Integration 

SQB integrates with all leading email marketing and marketing automation platforms.

The good news is, even if your email platform or CRM does not have a direct integration with SQB, you can now use the NEW HTML-form based integration to integrate with any platform (such as Mautic) that supports HTML code based integration! 

Just insert the html code in SQB >> Lead Generation screen to connect it with SQB. When users opt-in after completing the quiz, SQB will automatically add user details (name, email, etc.) to your platform.

  • Background Image Opacity

If you use SQB's template #5 that allows you to add a background image, you can also add/remove background image opacity. 

  • Slide-down Animation 

You can now enable a cool slide-down animation effect between different screens. SQB already supports slide-right animation. It now also supports slide-down animation. You can set this up in SQB >> Display Settings tab.

  • Skip Outcome Mapping

If you don't want to map answers to outcome for certain questions in your personality quiz, you can simply enable skip mapping for that question.

SQB will ignore outcome mapping for that question.

You can do this in the "question" screen.

As you create a personality quiz, you'll now also notice a more simplified and intuitive outcome mapping  process. 

Coming soon...

  • Matrix-style question (for personality quizzes and surveys). This will be available in about 2 weeks.
  • Mobile-view Customizer: As we continue to add new features (based on feedback from our users) at a very fast pace, just wanted to let you know that an advanced, mobile-view customizer that will allow you to create an optimized style for your quizzes on mobile (different from web view) is coming soon (in about 4 weeks)!
  • Global Theme. Don't want to customize the font and colors for each question and outcome screen individually? Set a global style for questions. It'll be applied to all the questions in that quiz. Same with outcomes. This will be available along with Mobile-view customizer in about 4 weeks.
  • Pre-built Templates: We'll adding several pre-built templates to SQB's template collection. You won't have to build a quiz or survey from scratch. You can pick an existing template and make the necessary updates to it. It'll be huge time saver!

Available in 3-4 months

  • Custom Fields: When users opt-in, SQB sends name and email to the connected email or marketing automation platform. Ability to collect additional custom fields coming soon.
  • Calculators
  • Polls
  • A unique chat-style quiz
  • More question types (dropdown, match answers)
  • Clone questions / outcomes
  • More improvements to SQB's reports page
  • Tags at answer level. Currently SQB supports outcome level tags.
  • Weighted questions. 
  • More integrations! SQB already integrates with these platforms.

Pabbly Connect
Digital Access Pass (DAP)
HTML-form based integration.
Webhook Notification

More integrations coming soon:
Encharge, Klaviyo, MailPoet, Sendfox

And a LOT more...

Stay tuned!

Sales Funnel vs Quiz Funnel

A sales funnel is a static funnel!

All of your prospects are sent down the same path and see the same offer. You don't know who they are and what their specific challenges are. You can't take into account their responses to different questions and create a customized offer that resonates with them.

This is what makes a quiz funnel different from all other options! It'll allow you to switch your static content into fun, dynamic, interactive content and make it a win-win for both you and your audience! I just wrote about this in detail here.

Watch this step-by-step video on how to create a survey or quiz funnel using SQB!

Want to see a Survey Funnel Demo?

Want to see a demo of a smart survey funnel created using SQB?

Check out this SMART survey created using SQB's funnel builder! 

We'll also make this survey available as a pre-built template so you can simply copy this template and make updates to it instead of building one from scratch!

If you have questions about SQB or need ideas for a quiz or survey funnel for your business, you can post them in my Facebook Group or send me an email through the contact us form on our site.

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