September 22, 2020

How to add Blocking Quizzes to your Online Courses!

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Blocking Quizzes

Want to prevent users from accessing the next lesson in your online course until they pass or complete the quiz on the current lesson?

You can do this easily using DAP's built-in LMS and our quiz platform - SmartQuizBuilder - (SQB)!

Be sure to watch the video below for a full DEMO of end-to-end user experience of an Online Course fully built using (DAP) - with quizzes from (SQB).

Watch the video for a full demo

Key Features

  • Create your quiz in SQB.
  • Add the quiz to your DAP course. You can configure this in SQB >> Settings >> DAP Integration tab.
  • Add blocking or non-blocking quizzes.
  • Your blocking rule could be based on score OR based on users just 'completing' the quiz regardless of the score.
  • Allow users to retake the quiz. You can set a max retake limit.
  • You can have SQB display a "See Result" button after the last question. When users click on it after completing the quiz, it'll show them their result. The result screen can be fully customized in SQB. 
  • Display a summary of correct/incorrect answers on the final results screen.
  • You can add all types of questions - single choice, multiple choice, open-ended, fill-in-the-blanks. You can add open-ended questions even to your assessments. SQB will record the answers to open ended questions but not use it for grading. You can grade it manually.
  • You can track everything - student course status, lesson status, results, correct/incorrect answers, score, etc. You can also reset their status.
  • SQB uses the logged-in user's email to generate quiz report. 
  • Certificates coming soon! You'll able to design, customize and award certificates when users complete a course or pass the quiz (based on score).

No need to pay for an external learning management system

If you use DAP as your membership platform, you won't need an external LMS just to manage courses. You can create and manage course creation and delivery using just DAP.

Watch video above to see a demo of the DAP course experience.

This is part-1 of a 2-part video series.

Watch part-2 for a full demo of online course experience of a course created using Digital Access Pass (DAP) - a Membership Plugin for WordPress.

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