April 9, 2022

How to show personalized content based on quiz answers – using TAGS

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Tag-Based Personalized Content

Watch this video to discover how you can fully personalize the contents of the outcome/results screen using tags!

Want to show smart, dynamic, personalized content to your quiz takers based on their answer selection?

You can now get SQB to display different content on the outcome screen - using tags.

An incredibly powerful feature that will allow you to fully personalize the user experience based on their specific answers. It'll allow you to capture attention and engage with your audience!

You can assign different tags to each answer choice. And you can setup content for each tag in SQB's backend. On the outcome screen, SQB will display content based on the tags users get, and the tags they get depends on the answers they pick! 

Watch the video above to see step-by-step how to set it up for your quizzes!

A few simple steps

? STEP 1:  Create all of your tags in the SQB settings page
Go to SQB >> settings page.
Click on Advanced Settings and then click on Tags.
Setup tags and the content for each tag on this page.

?  STEP 2:  Enable answer level tags in the Display Settings tab

Edit your quiz.
In the Display Settings tab, enable "answer tags".

?  STEP 3:  Connect answers to tags

Go to the questions screen.
To assign a tag to an answer, click on "..." next to each answer.
Select the tag you want to assign.
You can select any tag you created in the first step.

? STEP 4:  Enter the tag shortcode on the outcome screen

You can enter the TAG shortcode on the outcome screen. You'll find the shortcodes under the "personalization" section on the outcome screen.

These is the shortcode:


When users take the quiz, based on selected answers, SQB will assign the right tags, and when users are redirected to the final outcome screen, they will see right content based on tags.

Watch the video above to see all the possibilities!

Popup based quizzes and surveys

SQB supports 5 types of popup-based quizzes and surveys.

? Button Click
? Exit Intent Popup
? Time on page in seconds
? Percentage of page scrolled (scroll-based popup)
? Corner Popup

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