August 1, 2020

Use this ONE Simple Strategy to INCREASE your SALES!

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How you can easily grow your sales with this simple strategy!

Given the current situation and everything going on in this world, I'm always thinking about ways in which we can help YOU get more sales.

It's drives me. It's my biggest motivation. I want to help.

As a techie marketer, I know I'm in an unique position to help because coming up with an idea is one thing, but you need actual tools to implement the ideas, right?

And tools I can build!

That's my superpower :-). And I've a lot of help. I've a strong team of highly motivated developers working hard to convert ideas into reality!

You probably already know this. We'll be launching a quiz and survey builder plugin called SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) later this month. Lead magnet quizzes have an average conversion rate of 50%! There's no better way to build a list of qualified subscribers and convert them into customers than quizzes that are designed to gather data and offer personalized solutions to your prospects.

This ONE Simple Quiz Strategy will help INCREASE your SALES!

We work hard to generate traffic to our sites but traffic without a sale or conversion is not going to do much for our business, right?

We all want to increase our sales. We all want to generate qualified leads for our business.

Would you rather drive 100 site visits and 50 conversions or 1000 site visits and 50 conversions? More traffic doesn't help if we don't convert at a high rate.

But there is a way to fix this!

In fact the strategy I'm about to share can help you double or triple your conversion rate.

Recently, I was doing some research on quizzes and surveys for my upcoming book called "The Power of Quiz Funnels".

I saw an ad on Twitter from It was an ad that led to a quiz. In fact their whole site is quiz driven.

The quiz title was, "What type of wine would you like to drink?".

I don't drink anything other than water and coffee but I was curious to see how the quiz software worked so I took the quiz and picked some random answers :-).

On the results page, below the result they had a special offer that included discounted price plus free shipping and a link to checkout.

I looked at it and thought...what if there was a timer on the results page that said this one-time offer is only valid for the next 30 minutes!

What if the timer started as soon as someone completed the quiz and it was truly a one-time expiring offer?

Deadlines push people to take action

Can you imagine what a limited-time coupon will do in terms of adding a sense of urgency when someone has just finished the quiz and is inspired by your personalized recommendation based on their answers?

It's going to give them the little nudge they need to click the buy button!

For example:

"Thank you for taking this quiz. We would like to offer you a special discount. This is a one-time only discount and will expire in 30 minutes. This discount is not available anywhere else on this site and it'll never be available again. It's a one-time offer."

This offer will only show up after someone takes the quiz and is truly a one-time offer. Even if they retake the quiz, it won't show up again.

You'll have to use a quiz software and a cart software that work together to make this happen.

The good news is... we'll be adding this feature to our upcoming quiz software - (SQB) and our shopping cart plugin - (SPC). These plugins have the word "smart" in their names for a reason :-). 

Here's how it'll work:

  • Add a quiz to learn more about your prospects and offer the right solution on your sales page.
  • The 2 keys to getting more people to take the quiz are 1) Quiz Title and 2) Quiz Image. Think about the pain points of your potential customers to come up with the right quiz. Let them know there is a special gift waiting for them at the end. 
  • Offer a one-time only discount at the end of the quiz to participants.
  • Let them know the coupon is valid for say just 30 minutes (configurable) and that discount won't be available again.
  • The whole special offer section will only show up the first time someone takes the quiz. Even if they retake the quiz, the offer won't show up again.
  • Make sure the coupon is in fact only valid for limited time and expires after that.  You can do this using SQB and SPC.

Can you imagine what it'll do to your conversion rate? 

The Wait is OVER...

SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) launch is on 8.28.20. 

Mark your calendar. This plugin is just different.

Yes, there are some really good quiz platforms but most come with a subscription fee (anywhere from $30/mo to $50/mo).  

SQB will be available for a one-time fee during launch!

SQB is FREE for DAP Elite Members. In fact, if you are a DAP Elite Member, both plugins ( and are free.

Please help spread the word. Share it with your friends & followers!

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