October 30, 2021

What questions to ask in a lead magnet quiz?

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Struggling to figure out what questions to ask your prospects in your quiz?

Watch this short video for Quiz Question Ideas 

Ready to replace your static form with a lead magnet quiz but not sure what questions to ask?

Watch this video to see how I come up with questions for my quiz. I've also shared a few generic but great questions you can ask your prospects in your quiz. 

This video is one of the lessons in my upcoming FREE course about list building.

I'll launch this free course in a couple of weeks but I decided to share one of the lessons from this course with you today as it'll help you get started! It'll help you come up with the right questions for your lead magnet quiz!

Don't stress about creating the perfect quiz

Ask a few basic questions.


It does not matter how big or small your list is, just email your list and send traffic to your quiz page. 

You'll start collecting data as users complete the quiz. 

Now use that feedback to update your quiz and ask better questions. 

Watch the video above to see how I do this. 

Don't have SQB?

You can still grab the AppSumo LTD!

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